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Benefits of adding resistance bands to your workout

There are a number of number of powerful workouts that you can do with resistance bands say fitness professionals at Women’s Health South Africa. These include the seated row, push-up with resistance as well as the frog push. Watch the video below to see how to do a lateral raise with a resistance band.

Our own fitness professionals have unpacked the countless benefits there are of exercising with resistance bands. Read on to find out more.

1. Incredibly cost effective

Resistance bands are probably the cheapest exercise equipment you can buy. Even resistance band kits which include DVD’s or other instructional media are still cheap. Resistance bands also last quite a long time depending on the amount of stress you put them through say fitness professionals.

2. Adaptable for multiple fitness levels

Whether you are well versed in all kinds of exercise or are new to training, resistance bands are for you. They even come in a variety of resistances ranging from light to heavy. You can further adjust the amount of resistance you are looking for by increasing or decreasing the slack of the resistance band. You could also use multiple bands at the same time to make the exercise more challenging.

3. Use with familiar exercises

You can often use your favourite strength-training exercises with your resistance band without having to learn a new complicated routine. For example you can use your resistance band – instead of weights – to train your biceps or you can use them to increase the intensity of your push-ups.

4. Total body workout

Fitness professionals recommend using resistance bands to exercise your entire body by challenging every muscle group.

5. Save on storage space

Resistance bands take up next-to-no space when it comes to storage which means you can store and use them at home. When you are finished using them, store them in a drawer or cupboard.

6.  Excellent for travelling

Your resistance band is easy to take anywhere because of their light weight and portability. You can put them in your suit case or even your hand luggage to ensure that you never miss a training session.

7. Add variety

Your muscles will adapt quickly to any exercises you do which is why you need to keep changing things up. Resistance bands can be swapped out with free weights or even machines to ensure maximum variety.

8. Easy to use alone

Lifting heavy weights without the help of a training buddy is quite risky as you could drop the weights on yourself if your arms give in. You won’t have this problem with resistance bands as they are very light.
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