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Best exercises for the elderly

Staying active is good for you and it helps you to feel and look great throughout your life. Living an active lifestyle is especially important for the elderly because it can improve their health and help prevent heart disease, diabetes, certain forms of cancer and it can reduce the effects of arthritis.

Staying active improves strength, balance, flexibility and endurance which will help you stay healthier longer. Senior citizens should always consult their doctors before taking on any new exercise regimes.

Below are a few exercises that are great for elderly people.


Aerobic activity will assist elderly folks to lose weight as their metabolisms aren’t as fast as they used to be. It will also increase their energy levels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve heart strength and health, and maintain joint movement.

Building endurance in elderly citizens may take some time depending on their health and activity level. They can start by doing 5-minute cardio sessions a few times a week to get their heart rate up.

After this, 30 minutes of cardio exercise most days will work wonders. Brisk walks, tennis and swimming are great moderate endurance exercises for seniors.


Building muscle takes time but the benefits will outweigh the costs. Exercise good form for muscle- building to be effective.

Start with a few low-impact exercises such as squatting in front of a chair. Ensure that it won’t tip over or move around.

Keep your arms out in front of you and bend your knees into an almost sitting position. Be sure not to extend your knees past your toes. Hold this position for a few seconds and raise yourself back up to a standing position and repeat this 10 times for two sets.

Upper body strength

Some form of resistance is necessary to develop muscle mass – light weights or resistance bands are the most common. You can even do this exercise while sitting. Sit on the floor with your legs flat out in front of you and your back straight.

Lift the weights out in front of you and over your head. You could also stand while doing it and raise your arms sideways or forwards.

Training elderly clients can be very rewarding as your training with them produces tangible benefits. Trifocus Fitness Academy‘s Exercise for the Elderly Course will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become the best personal trainer – for the elderly – out there! Click here for more information.

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