10 Tips to get the most out of the ball exercise

People often write off the simplest exercise products even though they could be the best exercise tools and come at a minimal cost.  The ball exercise is a fitness tool that can help you to improve all-round fitness. These balls can be used to do cardiovascular training, build muscles and work on balance.

Bedisdes using these balls for fitness and rehabilitation, many office workers are replacing their chairs with an exercise ball (this helps with posture and provides a nice mini workout while you are at work).

Here are some tips to get the most out of your ball exercise:

  • Before starting out any form of exercising, make sure you get checked out by your health-care provider before using an exercise ball for an exercise aid or even as a chair to sit on.


  • Emsure that your exercise ball is customised to you, which means you need to make sure you choose the correct product.  Your ball will need to be the right size.  You will find several ball sizes. When sitting on the ball, your hips should be level with your knees.


  • Inflate the ball properly. A ball exercise on a ball that is inflated to little or too much will require you to work harder, which can lead to injuries.  It is also more likely for a ball that is inflated too much to burst or tear. While an under-inflated ball will not make you get the most out of your exercise session.


  • Only use burst-resistant stability balls (labled as burst-proof stability balls). This is very important when exercising with dumbbells or any kind of weights while you are on the ball.


  • Use your ball on a padded surface. This will prevent injuries and accidents in case you lose your balance. While you are doing exercise while seated on the ball remember always to place your feet hip width apart to provide you with enough stability.


  • Stay close to a wall. While seated on the ball you will be able to grasp on to the wall in case you should fall.


  • Use more muscles. The first time you are on a ball, you will feel very unstable. This is going to force you to use more of your leg and core muscles to keep stabilized.  By using more muscles increases the intensity of you exercise and amplifies your results.


  • When the core is developed you can add resistance bands and weights to make your exercise routine a lot more challenging.


  • Using your ball as a chair will help you to improve your balance, build those valuable core muscles, help with circulation and burn a lot of calories while you are at it.


  • Transform those traditional exercises by using a stability ball. You can transform basic exercises into multi-tasking and multi-muscle movers.This will help you to get more work done in less time.

Ball exercises are an integral part of a Pilates routine as they are instrumental in helping you develop a strong core. Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Pilates Certification will turn you into the best Pilates instructor you can be! Follow this link for more information.

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