Why you should eat nuts guilt free

As part of a balanced diet, nuts are extremely good for you. Granted, these nuggets of goodness do contain high amounts of fat – which is why if you enrol in any organised weight-loss programme the nutritionist will limit your intake of nuts. This being said, nuts do contain various minerals that will keep you fit, healthy and strong.

Nuts are loaded with omega 3s

Coronary artery disease occurs in people whose arteries – which are the blood vessels that take oxygenated blood to the tissues of the body – become clogged. It’s been proven that omega 3s help to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Thus, by implication, omega 3s could assist in reducing inflammation of arteries – reducing their inflammation if and when they become clogged.

You can eat nuts - guilt free!

Fibre is an essential ingredient in nuts

Besides aiding in digestion and aiding in good nutrition, fibre is very good for your heart. Why, you may ask? Well, many people have a lot of different theories – but they all have one thing in common: the benefits that fibre has for your heart is directly linked to the benefits it has for your digestive system. For example, the way that fibre benefits this system is that – when in your intestine – it binds with cholesterol and helps its expulsion from your body. Thus, cholesterol isn’t absorbed by your body and – by default – your heart. There has been a lot of debate about this benefit of fibre so – whether it’s true or not – you decide…

Nuts are high in unsaturated fats

There are two kinds of fats: unsaturated – or healthy – fats and saturated – unhealthy – fats. Foods that are rich in saturated fats include red meat, cheese and chocolate while high amounts of unsaturated fats can be found in olives, avocados and nuts.

So why is unsaturated better for you than saturated?

Saturated fats are mainly responsible for clogging your arteries. It’s been said that unsaturated fats assist in keeping these blood vessels clear and so maintaining a healthy heart for you.

Nuts are high in vitamin E

When the arteries become clogged, they become blocked with something called “plaques”. Vitamin E – which is a major component of nuts – helps to break these structures down.

Nutritionists deal with issues – such as those which we’ve mentioned above – that could be fatal to your health if left untreated. On Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Specialised Nutrition Course, you’ll learn about the benefits that various foods have for your health. Follow this link to learn more.

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