5 reasons to exercise in winter

5 Reasons to exercise in winter 

As the summer months beckon, it’s very important to remember to exercise in winter. Waking up early and getting out into the cold to do some exercise in winter  is a challenging task even for the most outgoing people. But when the temperature drops in the winter months, it can be all the more difficult to motivate yourself to get going. This makes it awfully tempting for many people to hang up their running shoes when the cold arrives only to be wracked with guilt at not working at their fitness goals.

The truth is, that it might be even more important to exercise in winter. If you don’t believe us, then here are a few very good reasons why.

You need that vitamin D

The stark lack of sunshine that is the result of staying indoors might be keeping you warm, but it is also stopping you from getting enough vitamin D (from sunlight) in your system. Vitamin D is responsible for generating strong bones, lowering blood pressure, strengthening your immune system and regulating your moods. Because of this, you should be spending between 10 and 15 minutes a day in the sunshine to get enough of this vitamin.

Vitamin D is also essential for the absorption of calcium. Says the NIH Osteporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center:

Calcium is needed for our heart, muscles, and nerves to function properly and for blood to clot. Inadequate calcium significantly contributes to the development of osteoporosis. Many published studies show that low calcium intake throughout life is associated with low bone mass and high fracture rates. National nutrition surveys have shown that most people are not getting the calcium they need to grow and maintain healthy bones.”

Just one good reason to get out there for a frosty morning jog!

Exercise in winter strengthens your immune system

Winter time is the season for colds and flu. If you’re the sort that gets laid up every year by illness, you will benefit the most from exercise in winter. Activity helps keep your immune system strong which makes you more resistant to infections and illnesses. So, if you are looking for a way to beat the flu, start by getting more exercise.

Keep a smile on your face

Staying active in the cold months will help you shake off those winter blues. Sticking with exercise in winter will keep them off. A lack of activity and sunshine makes the winter months a bit of a depressing time for many people. So get out there and stay active to keep yourself from falling into winter moodiness.

Exercise in winter will make you feel better in summer

Maintaining a rigid workout routine all-year-round will make it easy to maintain your body type throughout the year. Instead of letting your body fall to the ravages of winter despair, and then working extra hard to try and get it all back again once the sun comes out, why not rather practice consistency to make things easier for you at a later stage.

Exercise in winter will keep you social

It can be difficult to motivate yourself and those around you to get active together in winter. This is why group activities – such as Pilates courses – are great for maintaining personal connections throughout the winter.

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