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How do you create an environment that is conducive to learning?

A conducive learning environment is devoid of both physical intimidation and emotional frustration. It provides learners with the freedom of interaction, safety and respect when learning new skills.

When developing an engaging and positive learning environment, the focus should be on the following components:

  • Physical learning environments, like classrooms, labs or lecture theatres
  • Various technologies used to develop online learning
  • The learners’ characteristics
  • Learning and teaching goals
  • Activities that support learning
  • Assessment strategies that drive and measure learning
  • A culture that directly infuses a learning environment

Social, physical, psychological or cultural components in a learning environment affect the learners’ capability to take in information. If the learning environment doesn’t have a delicate, healthy balance of these components, it is harder for learners to remain interested and, in turn, gain new knowledge or skills. It is vital to create a stress-free environment where learners feel appreciated, accepted and important.

How do you create the perfect balance of these components?

Create a support system

Develop a support system that makes each learner feel connected. They should feel that they are playing an important and contributing role in a supportive learning culture.

Create online discussion forums or online platforms where learners can discuss various topics and provide support to fellow members.

Meet their needs

Learners have psychological needs for order, security, love, belonging, competence, freedom and fun. Try to accommodate these intrinsic needs.

Trifocus Fitness Academy- conducive learning environment

Radiate positivity

A very important part of creating a conducive learning environment, is to praise students instead of punishing them. Learners respond better when they are appreciated and have the freedom to express themselves. Humiliating them will only discourage them.

Constructive criticism

While it is great to praise learners, you also need to provide them with feedback, or constructive criticism. By giving them feedback, learners are able to identify their mistakes or accomplishments and learn from them. They can track their progress and change their learning strategies.

Reward successes

By acknowledging learners’ achievements, you motivate them to keep on “achieving”. They become proud of what they have done, see that they are able to and want to continue to achieve their learning goals.

Create a collaborative learning culture

While a supportive learning culture is a great way to make learners feel safe and respected, a collaborative learning culture establishes strong interactions and relationships.

Encourage group activities and get rid of competitive activities. Activities promotes a communicative and collaborative working environment and establishes a cooperative learning structure.

When creating a conducive learning environment, it is important to remember that your learners are human beings. They have physical as well as mental needs that need to be addressed. Among these are the need to feel safe, supported and appreciated. Learners also want to have the feeling that  they are achieving their learning goals and don’t want to be humiliated by their failures.

That is why it is so essential to create a positive environment that provides learners with the right feedback that they need to grow.

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