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How To Make Exercise Fun For Kids? Find out in this article.

With iPads, TV, remote learning, and other sedentary activities dominating your kids’ day, it can feel like a struggle to get them up and moving. But don’t give up. Keeping kids active helps improve their mood, learning, and physical health. And your kids don’t have to be athletes to enjoy the benefits.

In America, nearly a full third of children are considered overweight or obese. And the rest of the world is catching up. It’s critical for parents, grandparents as well as other caretakers to get kids moving again and take an active interest in exercise for kids.

Exercise for children is essential for healthy growth in addition to avoiding future illnesses, but today’s obsession with video games and  social media channels has reduced physical activity significantly. Even the youngest kids spend more time watching a screen as opposed to running around outdoors.

The Benefits Of Exercise For Kids

Exercise for children means moving enough in order to breathe heavily, be short of breath, feel warm as well as sweat. Exercise for kids is vital to the health and well-being of children. Physical activity helps to build and maintains healthy bones, muscles as well as joints, for instance. A kid’s workout can help to keep a healthy body mass index and reduce the risk of diabetes, increased blood pressure and heart disease later in life. Fun exercises for kids can help children fall asleep quickly and sleep well.

Along with outside benefits to the body, exercise also boosts a child’s mental and behavioural health. It increases a child’s enthusiasm and optimism. A kid’s workout boosts self-esteem, school performance, attention, and behaviour. It also reduces anxiety, tension, and depression. Fun exercises for kids can also foster teamwork and friendship when it’s part of an organised sport.

How do you keep a child physically active?

Talk with your child’s doctor

Your doctor may help your child understand why exercise is important. In addition, your child’s doctor can help you and them to identify sports or fun exercises for kids that may be best for your kid.

Emphasise fun

Help your child find a sport they enjoy. The more they enjoy the exercise, the more likely it is that they’ll keep it up. Get the entire family involved in exercise for kids. It is a great way to spend quality time together with your children.

Select an activity that is developmentally appropriate

For instance, a 7- or 8-year-old child is not ready for weightlifting or a 3-kilometre run, but soccer, bicycle riding as well as swimming are all great activities for kids this age.

Plan ahead

Ensure that your child has a convenient time and place to exercise.

Provide a safe environment

Ensure your child’s equipment for their kids workout – and where they practise or play – is safe. Make sure that your child’s clothing is comfortable as well as appropriate for the activity.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - kids

What exercise can kids do at home?

The outdoors gives children plenty of space so that they can explore and play. These types of fun exercises for kids offer many easy ways to remain active. However, when you are stuck inside with kids, it can be a challenge to find options which help them to expend their energy. Here are a few ideas for at-home exercises for kids:

  • Stream kids workout videos online
  • Body weight exercises – for example push-ups, planks, squats, or ‘mountain climbers’
  • Yoga
  • Jumping jacks
  • Dancing to music
  • Balancing on one foot
  • Follow the leader (taking turns picking movements)
  • Hopscotch (place tape on the floor)
  • Filling up a balloon and not letting it touch the ground
  • Crab walks or bear crawl races
  • Skipping

You could also set up a circuit in your living room with a few different stations for variety. For more help to get your child moving, see tips to motivate children to exercise.

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