Why you should be including boxing to your personal training routine

When you picture boxing, you may think of greats like Muhammad Ali. However, boxing is no longer  just a sport. It’s also a fantastic way of remaining fit. This type of boxing is known as fitness boxing. During this type of exercise you don’t get into a ring or take any punches. This means that there’s no risk of you sustaining a head trauma.

Fitness boxing has taken the movements of the sport and converted these into exercise routines. This type of boxing has many benefits for your health as it continuously requires you to think, alter your position, and change how you are standing.

Boxing Doesn’t Just Build Strong Arms

During a boxing workout you’ll be working out your arms – big time. However, the moves that are involved require far more than just arm strength. Boxing is responsible for strengthening and toning the whole body. When you throw a strong and fundamentally sound punch you generate force through your legs, core and arms.

Boxing Can Help With Improving Your Coordination

Fitness boxing is an amazing way to strengthen your hand-eye coordination. This is especially if the boxing class includes hitting a target. This can have real-life implications such as assisting you with feeling more alert or making it easier to do tasks that you do every day.


Boxing May Decrease Stress

Hitting a bag relieves stress. After three months of boxing, people say that they find that stress relief is the main benefit of this type of exercise.  With boxing, you’ll feel stronger, have increased confidence levels and be more in control during course of the class. A study in the Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences published the finding that boxing-style exercises can promote feelings of relaxation and put people in a better mood. In addition, as with any challenging workout, boxing will cause the same feel-good endorphins – which are responsible for the “runner’s high” you’ve heard so much about – to be released.

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Boxing incinerates calories

Boxing can effortlessly burn as much as 1 000 calories per session. However, boxing has an additional benefit because it is classified as high-intensity training:

  • When doing high intensity training, you’ll burn heaps of calories during the session. A big plus is that, for hours after the training session has ended, you’ll carry on burning calories. Typical cardiovascular exercise does not have this post-training calorie-burning effect.

This means that boxing is your best friend when it comes to losing weight.

Boxing helps with bone density

It’s a well-known fact that resistance training strengthens your bones in addition to reducing the development of osteoporosis. In boxing, focus pads and punching bags offer resistance in the same way that your own bodyweight does when you do pushups, pull ups, lunges, burpees as well as various other exercises. The joints, tendons and ligaments in your body will also get stronger in response to working against resistance during a boxing workout.

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