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Make your Dream Job a Reality!

If you have thought of working at a fitness center as a self-employed personal trainer you are in good company.

Many young school leavers dream of one day working as a Pilate’s instructor or general fitness instructor but the ultimate would be to train as a skilled coach.

You need to acquire the knowledge of how to understand an individual’s needs and motivations, to encourage healthy exercise and eating habits and especially to assist your clients in achieving their goals.

If you prefer to be employed you could apply for positions with health clubs owned by large chains and enjoy their fitness facilities or work at resorts or on cruise ships.

It is advisable to gain experience from others in a large business before becoming a self-employed trainer.

Opportunities for Skilled Trainers

The opportunities are endless for skilled trainers who have completed a personal trainer course. You have a choice of starting with a simple course and becoming a group instructor until you are able to study further and improve your expertise.

A three-month course will allow you to step into the popular business of fitness. It’s full of information about the anatomy and recommended exercises at a reasonable cost and with easy to follow instructions.

The more intensive course (National Certificate in Fitness) will allow you to start working as a personal trainer in South Africa.

The group Instructor Course, the online Bootcamp Course and the Sports Psychology Course are all included in this package and may be studied at your own pace.

It is an internationally recognized course so you are able to apply at health centers throughout the world including rehabilitation facilities, private training facilities and even cruise liners.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - dream job

Enjoy Working with Others

This is a good opportunity to network and build up your clientele. Getting to know your colleagues and forming friendships is part working in a gym.

The huge advantage is having new, state of the art equipment for customers to work out on with no financial responsibilities of buying your own.

Furthermore, the free membership is superb and gives you reason to be extra buff.

You can give further thought to the most appropriate courses you need to enhance your career whilst working in the industry you love.

The experience you gain starting your career at a fitness centre is immeasurable. You are able to learn much from the more experienced staff about clients and the workings of the industry.

Fitness is more than a Certificate.  It’s about experiencing and motivating people with different needs. Understanding their moods and how to deal with difficult clients is part of what we learn from our more experienced trainers who are committed to excellence.

Clients expect the best possible attention and good results from each trainer. The fitness industry is still growing and so are the expectations of clients as they become more informed.

Earn your Diplomas and Certificates while you Work

With the excellent packages offered by Trifocus Fitness Academy you are able to begin slowly by working as a group instructor and then move on to further studies.

Should you decided to get all your knowledge before starting work, a gym will offer you better opportunities where you gain experience working with people.

Choose from any of the three packages we have to offer and you will include the qualifications to apply for the job you enjoy. Incorporating life coaching and sports nutrition will furnish you with a well-rounded education when dealing with clients on a personal level.

The Social Media Management course will definitely encourage successful business.

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