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Misery Free Morning Workout Tips

Getting up early is rarely an easy thing to do. Now that we’re at the tail-end of winter – although getting up is easier – the cold and lack of sunlight still make morning workouts difficult.

If you are finding that this is getting in the way of staying fit, all you need is that little nudge to get you out of bed. Once you get started working out, you’ll be glad to have traded in a light snooze for a brisk bit of exercise.

So, whether you’re a fitness trainer and not much of a morning person, or would simply like to start your day with some energy, here are some tips on how to be that fabled early bird that everyone keeps telling you about.

Be Prepared

Preparing yourself for the morning workout the night before will eliminate any chance of excuses. It is also a way of promising yourself that you intend to get up early and exercise.

Pack Accordingly

Pack your gym bag the night before every session. This is especially if every day has a different set of workouts. Remember too to pack a change of clothes for once you are done, especially if you are planning on going to work or brunch afterwards.

Get Breakfast Ready

Your body needs fuel and breakfast is a good reason to get excited about waking up! Unfortunately, preparing breakfast can often cut into your time for your morning workouts. So be sure to get it ready the night before.

Tanya Zuckerbrot – in an article on the Men’s Health website entitled Best Pre-Workout Snacks for Morning Exercise – shares some more facts on why you need to eat before morning workouts:

“By eating a small, well-rounded breakfast, you will get a quick and long-lasting energy boost. Try to eat 1-2 hours before you workout, and avoid eating food which are high in fat, because they take longer for your body to digest, keeping your body from performing at its optimal level.”

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

To wake up early you need to get to bed early. Don’t punish your morning self unnecessarily by staying up to watch TV or surf the Qeb. During the week, get to bed at 10:30pm at the latest. This will ensure that you wake up far more easily.

Facing The Alarm Clock

For most people, there is nothing comforting about the sound of an alarm clock ringing in the new day. However, if you want to wake up early there is no way around it. So, here’s how you can face that pesky clock.

Have two if you need to

Setting two alarms will give you some time to snooze, meditate or just lie around if that is what helps get you up. For many people, lying in eliminates their chances of getting up early. If you are one of those, stick to just one.

Make it your first step

Try sleeping with your alarm clock as far away from your bed as possible. This way you force yourself to actually have to get up when it rings. You can also download alarm clock apps that force you to solve a simple sum to deactivate them. That will jolt your brain awake.

Warm up every time

Now that you’re out of bed and ready to go, take a moment to warm up. Whether that means a light jog to wherever you are exercising, a cycle or a stretch; your rigid, cold, morning body is liable to injure itself if you spring it right into action (which will keep you from working out further).

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