What Results Can I Expect When Working With a Personal Trainer?

So, you decided to sign up for that gym membership on special in January and reclaim your overall health and wellness? You’ve heard that a personal trainer can really help you kick-start your new active lifestyle, with exercises and fitness plans that suit your specific needs. They’re right, but just what type of results can you realistically expect from working with a personal trainer? Let’s take a look at a few:

Personal training results

Lose Weight & Get Strong

Face it – most of us think we could lose a centimetre or two here and there. The number one reason people hire personal trainers is to lose weight and get healthy. Your personal trainer will advise you on improving your diet (which makes up 70% of weight loss) and take you through training programmes that will involve both cardiovascular and resistance training. Get ready to see yourself grow in strength, and trim in size, with a personal trainer at your side to guide you the entire journey.

A great exercise that your personal trainer may recommend to you in order to help you to lose weight is the Kettlebell One Arm Swing. Here’s how to do it:

  • Place your feet in such a way that allows you to generate the most power. This is usually shoulder width or just outside shoulder width.
  • Turn the kettlebell to a 45-degree angle.
  • Take hold of the inside of the KB with your left arm. Keep your head up, with your eyes on the horizon. Make sure that your back remains extended by pulling in your core and retracting your shoulder blades.
  • Push your hips back to get ready to swing.
  • Drag the kettlebell back through your legs and keep it as close as possible to your groin. (It should never be lower than your knees).
  • As you pull the kettlebell back, turn your wrist so that your left thumb points behind you. When the kettlebell cannot be pulled back any further, squeeze your glutes to generate enough power through your hips to swing the kettlebell.
  • As the kettlebell is being swung up turn your wrist so that your thumb points up by the time the piece of equipment is in line with your chest. Finish with your body in a straight line.
  • Let the momentum bring the kettlebell back down between your legs. As it comes down turn your wrist so that your thumb is now pointing behind you. Repeat your swing and alternate sides.

For more information about how to perform this exercise, watch this video:

Get Excited About Health

Most personal trainers live and breathe health and wellness, and it’s hard to resist joining them after only a few sessions. Your health truly is your wealth, and we enjoy life so much more when we’re comfortable in our own skin. Another sure result you can expect when working with a personal trainer is a renewed will to get up and go every day, with the prospect of an endorphin-fuelled high waiting for you after work. If a personal trainer can’t get you excited about health – nobody can.

Push Through Plateaus

Personal trainers are highly motivated people. They understand what it takes to push through the pain in the name of looking and feeling amazing. For this reason, they know you can too – and will motivate you like few people can. Expect to be smashing your barriers as your personal trainer tweaks and adjusts your training regime to suit your aspirations as an athlete. Never underestimate the motivating powers of a good-looking person with a whistle!

Achieve Your Goals

Exercise and goals go together like foam mats and Yoga studios. People approaching personal trainers for health and wellness guidance usually do so for a reason. These range from wanting to fit into a dress for a special occasion, to wanting a rocking bod that’ll turn heads at the beach. Some of us hire personal trainers just to get ourselves out of whatever rut we might be in. Regardless of why you need one, rest assured that they’ll assist you with achieving – and surpassing – any exercise and lifestyle goals you’ve set for yourself.

Become a Personal Trainer with Trifocus Fitness Academy

Personal training is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet! So many gym-goers who utilise the professional services of a personal trainer love it so much that they end up doing a personal training course themselves. Fallen in love with personal training? See our Trifocus Fitness Academy personal training diplomas and personal training courses, and connect with us for more information.

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