Tips to motivate you for that 10km run

Do you look at distance runners with envy? Wish you too could run 10km? You can – and don’t need a personal trainer to help you. Read on to find out more.

1. Invest in a good pair of running shoes

If you’ve never run before, then you’ve never experienced the pain of runners’ injuries (shin splints and torn ligaments). You can prevent these sorts of injuries by wearing shoes designed specifically for running and that will offer you protection and comfort. However, buying the right pair of running shoes is critical. After all, no two runners’ feet strike the ground and move through the running gait, in the same way.

2. Enter a 10km race or fun run to cement your goals

By entering a race (even a non-competitive one), you’re making a commitment. This will keep you motivated and on track. Plus, it gives you a timeline for your training – you can’t take it too easy if you know you only have a month until race day, for example.

3. Find a training programme that suits you

You may be a raw beginner, with zero running experience. Perhaps you’re comfortable with a 5km trot and are looking for a new challenge. Possibly you have the time to run and train every day, or maybe you can only train four times a week. These are just a few of the considerations that will inform the kind of programme you should look for. There are loads of programmes available online, for example, and in running magazines.

You can also design your own programme. Here’s how:

  • Set a goal date (maybe the day of your fun run).  Count back how many weeks between today and race day.
  • Decide how many days of the week you will dedicate to your running (three days a week is a good starting point).  Make sure each week you do one short, medium-fast paced run, one endurance run and one session of intervals (e.g. two minutes running, one minute rest, repeated). Make sure you have a rest day after the endurance run. In addition, make sure each week, you take it up a notch by running a little further, faster or longer.
  • If you’re new to running, ensure you pick a pace and an interval set that are appropriate to your level of fitness and endurance.

The motivation to run

4. Join a running club

Social running clubs are a great place for you to get your training done! Surrounding yourself with like-minded runners means you’re more likely to stay motivated and meet your goals. Plus, you’ll get advice and support from more seasoned runners.

5. Drop a kilo or two to save your knees

Running is a high-impact sport and while 10km isn’t technically considered an endurance distance, it’s still pretty long. Losing one or two kilos means you don’t have to work as hard, physically, to make the distance more easily. Plus, it reduces the impact stress on joints.

If you’re already pretty good at running, but you’d like to help more people find joy in running, sign up for Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Comprehensive Personal Trainer Certification.

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