Trifocus Graduates Q&A

We Catch Up With Trifocus Graduate, Mary-Anne Pingo

Mary-Anne Pingo Q&A

Mary-Ann Pingo

Why did you choose Trifocus Fitness Academy for your college?

I chose Trifocus because it was the only collage that had the course I was looking for. Its prices were reasonable and from what I could tell, it seemed like a decent course.

What Course did you just complete?

I completed the yoga certificate part of the mind body specialist.

What did you enjoy best about this course?

I really enjoyed the theory part of the course. Learning things, I thought I knew a good bit, but I didn’t actually haha.

How did you like the online learning material what parts of the online experience did you enjoy the most? (if the question is applicable)

It was a great course. Getting the 200h was a bit difficult because I stay in a rural area but the info I learnt from the book was great.  Working on it online was nice, only had a lot to type.

Would you recommend Trifocus to your colleagues and why?

Yes, I would recommend Trifocus. It’s a great college. The info is good and every time I asked something on the online feedback thing, I got quick response.

How has becoming qualified with Trifocus improved your Life Style and Wellness out look?

I love yoga and it brings me a lot of joy to be able to bring that to order people.

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