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What Is The Positive Power Of Life Coaching? Find out in this article

Life coaching – which is also called consulting – is a career where the coach has a fixed understanding regarding the principles of success as well as their application. A life coach teaches other people how they are able to put these principles to work for them in their career or – alternatively – personal life. As well, life coaches are able to help clients deal with stress and anxiety.

Imagine that you are in a job you hate and are stuck in. You don’t have sufficient money to see you through a move to a new job. In this scenario, a life coach helps you discover the industry in which you will flourish in that matches your purpose in life. Once you and the life coach have found an industry that you want to work in, he or she helps you select the career path you want and help you develop a course of action in order to make the switch.

What Is The Difference Between Life Coaching And Therapy?

When considering life coaching, it is very important that you are aware that it is quite separate from therapy and counselling.

While there are quite a lot of parallels and crossovers, they are very distinct types of support. Both have the ultimate goal to help their client to overcome barriers as well as move towards core goals and authentic living, however key differences include the following:

  • Therapy tends to reflect on past experiences as well as how they influence the present. Life coaching is more focused on the here and now, supporting events as well as behaviours occurring in the present in order to generate positive change for the future.
  • Therapy can be far less outcome focused, with an emphasis on inner subconscious as well as conscious personal development, to assist the client to overcome challenges and barriers in life. Life coaching tends to concentrate on more attainable and measurable goals within the coaching process. Clients are working toward quantifiable outcomes.
  • Therapy may take place over many years, for as long as the person feels that they need it or for as long as the relationship is assisting them. Coaching tends to be shorter term owing to the outcome focus of the relationship.
  • Knowing these core differences gives us the opportunity to make fundamental decisions regarding which pathway of support is the best for us or the clients who we work with.
  • Being able to offer clients with the advice that therapy, counselling, or mentoring could be a more beneficial route for support is a verify important part of offering quality coaching guidance.

What are the Established Benefits of Life Coaching and Mentoring?

Should an individual choose a life coach or a mentor? The answer depends on your specific goals.

A life coach can assist a person to identify strengths, develop them as well as identify personal and professional goals. Their responsibility is to assist the coachee throughout the change process. As you will discover, this takes place in several ways.

A mentor’s emphasis is partly on compatibility with the mentee. The mentor and mentee could engage with each other through social or professional events in order to determine ‘fit’.

This is the initiation stage. During this stage, the mentee needs to “prove him- or herself worthy of a mentor’s attention”. There might or might not be money that changes hands in a mentor/mentee relationship.

The three other phases of a mentoring relationship are the following:

  1. Cultivation – The mentee learns from the skills of the mentor. The mentor gets insights from the mentee about new areas or evolving issues within the shared field.
  2. Separation – This is the ending of the relationship. Questions arise if one of the parties is not ready to finish the relationship.
  3. Redefinition – The relationship gets to this level after effectively completing the separation stage. During this phase, the relationship evolves into a “collegial relationship or social friendship”.

If a person chooses coaching, there are many benefits. Coaching conversations help a person focus attention on their desired goals.

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