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How To Prevent Swimming Injuries

Swimmers are intimately familiar with early morning practices, team workouts as well as living healthy lifestyles. What many may not realise is that swimming with poor stroke mechanics or reduced flexibility and strength may result…

How To Enhance Your Soccer Fitness

Few team sports around are as physically demanding as soccer is. The average professional soccer player now covers over 10km in a 90-minute match. At the moment, it’s not just about increasing lung capacity.  The…
Trifocus fitness academy - sports management

What Does Fitness Mean in Sports Management?

Sports management can be loosely defined as the administrative side of sport. Derby days don’t just happen on their own; these types of public events require a level of planning few ever consider. The duties…
Trifocus fitness academy - sports psychology session

What Happens During a Sports Psychology Session?

Whether you’re an athlete and think you might need one, or you’re an aspiring fitness professional looking to learn more about the area of sports psychology, sports psychologists are becoming more and more popular in…
Trifocus fitness academy - sports psychologist

Why do Athletes Need a Sports Psychologist?

Some people have attached a stigma to sports psychologists. They label athletes who use them as mentally weak, not having what it takes to make it on their own. Making use of the services of…

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