Carbohydrates are ranked on a scale (called the glycaemic index or GI) according to how fast they are absorbed into your bloodstream. The faster these substances are absorbed, the higher the score the carbohydrate will get on the GI index. Our Fundamentals of the Glycaemic Index CPD Course will teach you everything you need to know about GI.


This is a REPSSA-accredited CPD course for personal trainers. It’s worth 3 CPD points.

Modules include:

  • What is the Glycaemic Index?
  • How does GI work?
  • Why is GI so important?
  • Physiology and carbohydrate absorption
  • GI and food
  • GI score tables
  • Populations most benefiting from GI
  • Advising people about GI
  • Recipes for the GI index
  • For athletes and personal training clients, knowing which foods have a higher GI score than others will have a huge impact on their training.
  • It’s vital for exercise professionals – such as personal trainers, as well as Yoga and Pilates instructors – to do this course so they know how to advise their clients nutritionally.
  • This course is accredited with REPPSA and is worth 3 CPD points

How you can learn at Trifocus Fitness Academy

We offer a number of exciting, dynamic and interactive ways in which you can learn how to become the best fitness professional you can be!


We offer a state-of-the-art online learning platform. Through the videos, questionnaires and forums on your dedicated learning portal, you will be able to have the full benefit of our world-class education – when it’s convenient for you.

Online platform includes:

  • All assessments
  • Animated and interactive games to test your knowledge
  • Hundreds of slides with colourful and informative images
  • Progress trackers
  • Unlimited access to the online platform

Please note: If you choose this option, all study material is online. No hard copy study material will be sent to you.



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