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Why the fitness industry is booming

In 2017, the fitness industry will be worth trillions of Rands. The number of gyms, wellness centres and specialised sports centres will hit an all-time high.

And here’s why.

1. We’re unhealthy – and we shouldn’t be

There are over 3 billion people in the workplace. And according to the Global Wellness Institute’s “Future of Wellness at Work” study, 76% of them report struggling with their physical health. A scary 52% of them are overweight or obese.

Consider the findings which state that our modern lifestyle – sitting for hours a day behind a computer screen, eating processed foods and drinking way too much coffee – is killing us. Polio and the plague are no longer our biggest health threats. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are.

We’re told that if we want to survive, we have to exercise and eat a super healthy diet. Medical aids and corporate firms are buying in, offering discounted gym memberships, or office gyms, to encourage wellness.

2. Fitness is now a respectable hobby

It wasn’t always cool to admit that you were a fitness freak. And let’s be honest, the fitness fashion of the 70s wasn’t exactly cool.

But that changed in the 70s and 80s when health-conscious celebs made exercise hip. Think Rocky Balboa and Jane Fonda. They got us wanting fit, lean bodies.

And today, the biggest names in Hollywood are all fitness obsessed. And athleisure wear is huge!

All of this simply means the fitness industry will continue to grow.  Which means there’s never been a better time to be a personal trainer, nutritionist or weightlifter.

So what can we expect in 2017?

Here’s what we can expect from the fitness industry in 2017:

  • Pilates mashups: Expect to see Plates thrown into the mix with more intense physical training, like HIIT or crossfit.
  • Fun as fitness: Fitness modes like Zumba, that are fun and funky, will continue to draw us in. Because we like exercise that’s fun.
  • Outdoor adventure: Outdoor exercise, including Parkrun or adventure camps and obstacle courses, will grow in popularity.
  • Silver surfers: The fifty-somethings will be glad to see more gym classes tailored to them as we focus on a popoulation group that’s growing fast.

The time is ripe to get into the fitness industry! Make 2017 your year and enrol in one of Trifocus Fitness Academy’s accredited fitness courses. Visit our website for more information.


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