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What Makes a Great Group Fitness Instructor

What Makes a Great Group Fitness Instructor

 Not all personal trainers make great group fitness instructors. That’s because it takes a special kind of fitness instructor to lead a group of people through a workout.

Six traits of exceptional group fitness instructors

1. They’re self-motivated and are also master motivators

The best group fitness instructors are passionate about exercise and fitness. They’re self-motivated in all areas of their life and they bring this into the classroom/studio too. This motivation is contagious – it’s one of the things that keeps their clients coming back.

These instructors are also masters when it comes to motivating others. They figure out what motivates each member of their class. They make sure to connect with each client, to create trust and rapport necessary for this motivation.

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2. They’re creative and solve problems proactively

Things go wrong. You have a bad day. You forget to pack your gym gear. The studio is flooded. There’s bad traffic and all your students are late to class…

A great group fitness instructor generally has a Plan B (and Plan C), and can solve problems quickly and efficiently. They don’t get bogged down in the negativity of the situation, choosing instead to make the best of things.

3. They’re positive and have a fabulous attitude

Even the most passionate instructors have days when they want to veg out on the couch, rather than teach a class. But a great instructor accepts this as a normal emotional response. Then he’ll remind himself that there’s a group of buddies waiting for him to guide them through their workout, and he’ll smile and act enthusiastic. He won’t have to act for long – the natural joy of instructing usually kicks in soon!

4. They have excellent communications skills

As a group fitness instructor, you have to not only explain exercise movements to your clients, so they perform them correctly. You also have to engage them, so they’re interested, stimulated and so they feel valued.

If you’re a good communicator, these things will come easily to you, and you’ll be a fabulous group fitness instructor.

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5. They’re educated about their sport

A really great group fitness instructor is knowledgable about his sport, about fitness and also about a healthy lifestyle. His clients wouldn’t trust him if he wasn’t, right? He’d be risking their health if he didn’t have the right knowledge!

Great instructors make sure they keep on learning about these things, so they’re never the dinosaur in the room.

6. They get results

A great group fitness instructor gets results. His clients see the improvements in their bodies; they can also say honestly that they’ve learned a lot

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