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How group fitness instructors can make their classes more engaging

Group fitness classes are a wonderful place for people to get fit, lose weight, get strong and make friends. But if the classes are not engaging, then clients won’t get the best results (and they’re less likely to keep coming back).

Here are seven tips to make your group fitness classes engaging.

1. Music matters

Are you playing the kind of music that gets your clients pumped up and excited for the class? Does the music carry them through your workouts, especially when they get tough?

Music selection is important! It makes or breaks the vibe of the class. And it can kill the energy if it’s not been selected correctly.

2. Adapt your class

Make sure you know how to adapt or modify each class (or each exercise) for the few members who have, say a back injury or a sore knee. In this way, you’ll be meeting the needs of all your clients, and they’ll get more out of the class.

3. Get to know your regulars 

Always introduce yourself to new clients and explain the class programme so that everyone’s on the same page.

And then make sure you chat warmly with your regulars to make them feel recognised.

During the class, interact with them (to give feedback or share a joke). This makes your classes more interesting for everyone.

Pilates is a great group fitness class

4.Be an engaging guide

Remember that you’re guiding your class – and it’s made of real people. They want to feel secure and like they can keep up. Use eye contact and visual cues to guide them and engage them.

5. Motivate your class

Most of the people in your class probably didn’t want to come to gym at all. They would rather be on the couch, or sipping coffee with a friend. But they came. They need motivation to get excited about the class, and to keep up!

6. Give one-on-one feedback

It’s important to give your clients a bit of one-on-one feedback, wherever possible. This may be in the form of correcting their technique or some positive feedback.

In fact, you should always correct technique and methods – your clients will walk away with injuries if you don’t.

7. Have fun!

Have fun! Your enjoyment will become the contagious spirit that spreads and engages your class.

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