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The difference between a personal trainer and gym instructor

If you thought that there isn’t a difference between a personal trainer and a gym instructor, you couldn’t be more wrong. Personal trainers and gym instructors can actually work hand in hand with each other but it is possible to have one without the other.

What does a gym instructor do?

A gym instructor will be hired by a gym to teach people how to use the equipment properly. Gym instructors will ensure that members are using the correct technique when performing any exercise because if the wrong technique is used injuries can occur easily.

Fitness participants can’t just simply walk into a gym and think they know how all the machines work. Gym instructors are also permanently based at a gym. They can even help spot gym members when they are lifting heavy weights.

What does a personal trainer do?

Personal trainers are also focused on the techniques people use for the various exercises but they are more concerned about their clients achieving their fitness goals – if a client wants to lose 10kgs in a month, it is the personal trainer’s job to ensure the client does the right exercises at the right pace.

Personal trainers will also give you an eating plan and a home exercise regime if you require one or if they think it will benefit you. They are also there to motivate you so that you never give up on your fitness goals.

Personal trainers can be based anywhere their clients need them. They can be based at a gym or they can be mobile, training their clients where the client wants.

“Becoming a personal trainer means you are responsible for running your own business. A huge part of that is getting all of the appropriate certifications, CPR training, and liability insurance,” says Jeff Bell, master trainer and owner of The Bell Fitness Company.”

personal trainer’s clients will develop a long-standing relationship with them whereas gym members will only use the skills of a gym instructor on an ad hoc basis.

Being a gym instructor can also be the first step towards becoming a personal trainer. Trifocus Fitness Academy offer both personal training certifications as well as a gym instructor certification which will make you the best fitness professional out there! Make your passion your career today with Trifocus Fitness Academy.

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