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Motivation techniques to enhance your clients’ personal training experience

Motivation techniques to enhance your clients’ personal training experience

Some personal training clients will hire you because they have no idea how to work out and meet their fitness goals. Others will hire you simply because they need to learn serious motivation techniques to stay committed to their workout programme. So the question is, how can you motivate your personal training clients more powerfully so you really enhance their workout experience?

For starters, get rid of fear or incentive. These methods are proven to work only briefly. Incentives lose their novelty. And fear is, well, fearful. Instead, we recommend you try the following five methods.

1. Create a motivational environment

You wouldn’t  want to work out in a boring environment, right? Nor do your personal training clients! Look at your training environment through your clients’ eyes. Make sure it offers them a quality training experience.

If you work out of a gym, be sure that the gym facilities are always clean, well lit, air conditioned (or heated, in winter), and boast a wide range of different machines, weights and other workout equipment.

Don’t forget that you play a significant role in that environment. You need to set the standards for each client, as well as the tone for each workout. Your training and motivation techniques should be top-class, excellent and challenging. And you should also be able to build a caring and trusting relationship with each client so you can give feedback and offer support whenever it’s needed. Your clients need to know that you’re committed to their success and performance.

Your personal training clients come to you for motivation

2. Be the most amazing teacher (because you’re not just a personal trainer!)

Your client can have loads of dedication. But if his technique or form are poor and his mindset isn’t right, he’ll never reach his goals. In fact, it’s more likely that he’ll injure himself and that he’ll abandon his workouts…

So make sure you know everything there is to know about form and function, about the physiology of exercise, the diets that work, and so on.

3. Get client buy-in and encourage commitment

No good personal trainer starts a new client off without first discussing the client’s goals. But we need to reiterate the importance of this discussion not just upfront, but on an ongoing basis. Says Deborah J Rose – in her book Fallproof! – your personal training clients’ goals should be measurable, specific, realistic, and behavioural. This is one of the best motivation techniques out!

Your client needs to know that you are aware of his goals and have a plan to help him reach it. And if he understands the plan, he’s more likely to jump on board enthusiastically!


4. Measure performance regularly

Progress is a potent motivator. If you’re measuring performance regularly, and tracking progress, you’ll be able to reward and celebrate the little victories or improvements along the way. And that’s very motivating for your clients.

5. Make every session fun

We’re not saying you shouldn’t take your training seriously. But remember that us humans are programmed to want to repeat an activity if it’s fun. So make sure your personal training programme is engaging and exciting.

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