Can TRX Completely Replace Weight Training?

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The TRX suspension trainer – in addition to other “instability platforms” like it – are found in millions of homes (perhaps even yours) and practically every gym. However, for building muscle, strength, and performance, do they work as well as good, old-fashioned weights? The answer seems to be yes.

What Is TRX?

TRX is suspension trainer equipment which has become widely popular among gym enthusiasts. Basically, it is just a smart rope which allows you to utilise your body weight as resistance as you push – as well as pull – your body in a number of different ways.

This resistance training system was made famous by the NAVY SEALS. There are various studies which have all come to the conclusion that TRX is a worthy contender if you’re searching for serious exercise equipment.

It is also quite straightforward to utilise as you can adjust your body weight to alter the resistance level. TRX is certainly one of the best-known trainer brands for suspension training.

What Are Dumbbells?

Everyone understands what dumbbells are. These are basically the face of weightlifting, the ‘hard iron’ which builds strength, endurance as well as muscle. Their mechanism is easier – the more weight which you add, the tougher the exercise is.

Unlike suspension training, dumbbells make use of weights of different sizes in order to introduce resistance. They are possibly the most popular weight equipment which people use.

Why Do You Need To Train With TRX?

TRX is a phenomenal alternative to weight machines as it’s portable. In addition, it can be done anywhere plus the gym, home or even on the road. Plus, suspension training is an efficient training tool for people of all levels of fitness as it’s adjustable.

By altering the angle of your body, or where you stand, you are able to make exercises more difficult or easier. In addition, TRX is a safe way to train many people with knee and back issues as it lowers the pressure on those areas.

The manner in which you incorporate TRX into your workout decides whether you have more of an endurance or strength workout routine. Doing TRX exercises consecutively for 12 reps or more while keeping rest at a minimum may also assist with increasing cardio endurance as well as burning more calories at the same time.

However, you are also able to build muscle by adjusting standard exercises to the TRX equipment. The TRX Chest Press or TRX Curl may be done at maximum resistance, depending on where you stand, and go to failure without breaking form. Doing movements slowly, focusing on maximum time under tension and resting longer between sets are also helpful strategies for gaining muscle with suspension training.

The neuromuscular responses that occur during TRX workouts assist with building strength and stability. The system is designed for newbie exercisers to advanced athletes and continues to grow as a popular exercise method. If you’re considering TRX training and are new to exercise, workouts performed in stable conditions is recommended before adding the instability of suspension straps.

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