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You’ve heard about a kettlebell’s ability to sculpt and tone your body. You’re probably considering getting one. Maybe you’ve got one right now. Maybe you’ve been eyeing the kettlebells in your gym, wondering how to harness their physique-improving powers. We’re here to guide your path to kettlebell success – with five beginner kettlebell exercises you can try right now.

Kettlebell Exercises for Newbies

To perform these beginner kettlebell exercises, you’ll need to know the individual parts of a kettlebell. You get the handle, otherwise known as the “horns”, and the ball. Most moves require you to grip onto the handle. If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll want to start with a light kettlebell. Allow your body to get used to the various moves, then start slowly increasing the weight of the kettlebell.

Thanks to the amazing guys over at, we have this ridiculously cool adapted kettlebell routine that promises to challenge any beginner who wants to get into kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebell Rows

– Grab a kettlebell in your right hand and stand up straight.
– Step your left foot forward about 60 – 100 centimetres and place it firmly on the ground.
– Straighten your back leg and lean forward. Place your left hand firmly on your left quad (straight line from rear ankle to shoulders).
– Keeping that position, slowly pull the dangling kettlebell in your right hand up to your chest – hold – then return it to the dangling position. Repeat.

What muscles does work? abdominals, biceps, shoulders, upper back


– Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, holding the kettlebell on both sides of the handle close to your chest.
– Slowly squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
– Hold the deep squat, then perform a double bicep curl.
– Once you’ve returned the kettlebell to your chest, stand up slowly from your squat. Repeat.

What muscles it works on: legs, abdominals, biceps, upper back

Trifocus fitness academy - kettlebell exercises for beginners
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Kettlebell Lunge-Ups

– Stand with your feet together, holding a kettlebell above your head in your right hand.
– Extend your left arm out to your side (you’ll need this for balance).
– Bend your legs slightly at the knee, then step backwards around 60 to 100 centimetres with your left foot. You should be in an extended lunge position.
– Hold for two seconds, then step back to you starting position. Repeat. (Try and keep your eyes on the kettlebell throughout this process.)

What muscles it works on: abdominals, legs, shoulders

Tricep Press

– Stand in a boxers pose to start (one foot slightly behind the other and to the side).
– Hold your kettlebell by the horns with both hands, with these extended above your head with your arms straight.
– Slowly, bend your arms at the elbows and lower the kettlebell behind your head until your forearms are parallel to the floor.
– Hold for two seconds, then lift the kettlebell back to the starting position. Repeat.

The muscles that this exercise works: shoulders, triceps, abdominals

Kettlebell Push-Press

– Stand with feet shoulder width apart, holding the kettlebell in your right hand at chest height (kettlebell should be on outside of hand).
– Lower into a deep squat, then as you rise again – extend your right arm up and boost the kettlebell.
– Hold for two seconds, then return the kettlebell back to shoulder height. Repeat.

What it works: abdominals, triceps, shoulders, legs

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