Health and Fitness Courses That Will Help You Change the Lives of Others

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For many people the idea of getting fit is a difficult one. This is especially when they lack the motivation and know-how. Many men and women have found fulfilling careers in instructing and motivating others to realise their  fitness potential.They also love working to better themselves through exercise. If the idea of helping others to reach their health goals gets you excited, you might be perfect for the fitness industry. But be warned! You can’t jump into the job without training, experience and plenty of practice. That is why we are excited to present these locally and internationally recognised health and fitness courses. These will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful in the fitness industry.

The Range of Health and Fitness Courses on Offer at Trifocus Fitness Academy

Fundamentals of a Fitness Business

Running your own fitness business is not simple. You need to understand the nuances of the industry, the goals of your clients and a familiarity with motivation, administration and goal setting. By engaging in one of Trifocus Fitness Academy’s health and fitness courses – such as the one on fitness business fundamentals –  you will be learning how to run your own business, dealing with matters such as selling, getting clients, helping them benefit from your services and of course, keeping them.

Athletic Nutrition Course

Professional athletes understand the importance of prioritising their nutritional needs. With the right fuel, your clients can go a long way to realising their athletic potential. So why not be the one to help them get there?
This course will give you the understanding required to design personalised and beneficial nutrition courses for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, and will even help you live a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

Become a Boxing Instructor

Few activities offer a challenging cardio workout that boxing does. So why not gain the skill needed to give your clients an exercise routine that is beneficial, fun and challenging? Our health and fitness courses on boxing instruction will familiarise you with drills and routines tochallenge your customers to achieve their best while enjoying the exercise they get from boxing, while knowing how to prepare your clients safely with hand-wrapping techniques and safety instructions.

Exercise and Special Populations

Some of your clients might have special needs. Alternatively you might be interested in offering routines that are designed for special populations such as those who have suffered injury, the elderly, pregnant women as well as routines  for children.

When it comes to exercise, these sects of the population are often overlooked. So why not gain the tools necessary for including them? The Exercise and Special Populations Course will give you the tools to conduct tailored classes that will keep these sects fit and healthy.
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