How To Use Kettlebells To Improve Your Strength

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It doesn’t look like much but take it from us. The lowly kettlebell is your ticket to fitness, much faster than many other types of exercises. Packing the same weighty punch as dumbbells, and well-suited to the heart rate-spiking advantages of HIIT, these cannonball-shaped weights develop power, endurance, muscle and strength – at the same time – for heavyweight results.

Even today, the kettlebell is underused as well as undervalued by most of the gym-going community. But don’t let this fool you. As MH hero Arnold Schwarzenegger says, ‘The muscle doesn’t see what you’re holding in your hands’. And since they’re compact, adaptable and versatile, the kettlebell is an ideal bit of kit for the home workout warrior.

Why Kettlebells Are Fantastic For Strength Building

The truth is you are able to build strength with any kind of added resistance, whether that is in the form of dumbbells, barbells or – alternatively – powerbags. However, there is one advantage which kettlebells have over other pieces of workout equipment – the handle.

The handle of the kettlebell is shaped in such a manner which is ideal for holding the weight in a number of different positions. For instance, during the kettlebell you need to press the ball of the kettlebell lies against your forearm which offers a comfortable position for your wrist. It enables you to work with a much larger weight.

During the squat, the kettlebell may be placed in the rack position so that it’s nicely resting against your upper arm and forearm and enables a much larger weight to be held against your body.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - kettlebells

Kettlebell Exercises To Build Strength

Single-arm kettlebell row

Put the kettlebell to the front of your feet. Take a large step back with your left leg and make sure that you grasp the kettlebell in your left hand. Put your right arm on your right knee and then pull the kettlebell into your hip. Lower the kettlebell until just before it touches the floor. As you do this, ensure that your arm is fully extended. Maintain your back in a fixed position throughout the movement.

Kettlebell Triceps Extension

Grasp the kettlebell firmly with both of your hand. Then a step forwards with your right leg so that your feet are in a staggered stance. Raise the kettlebell directly overhead with both of your arms extended. Make sure that your elbows are kept near to your ears as you lower the kettlebell towards the back of your head until your hands are in line with your elbows. Return the kettlebell back overhead by extending your arms.

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