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Sports managers’ responsibilities may vary depending on the level of sport that they oversee. For instance, a high school sports team manager’s responsibilities will probably not have as many duties as well as responsibilities as a sports manager for a professional sporting organisation. These sports managers may assist with managing an entire team or organisation however their primary duty is to handle the business side of the sport so that athletes and coaches are able to focus on competing.

This may require sports team managers to perform such duties as:

  • Creating and organising schedules,
  • Promoting clients through various forms of media,
  • Seeking endorsement deals,
  • Handling and negotiating contracts,
  • Maintaining positive public relations, and
  • Ensuring compliance with rules and policies.

What Is A Sports Manager?

Sports managers, who are also often referred to as business managers, are responsible for handling the business matters of athletes as well as sports teams, at both the university and professional levels. A sports manager may be called upon in order to manage relations with the media and organise promotional events.

It is not unusual for sports managers to be requested to hire coaches or draft new players as well as other members of a team’s athletic staff. Sports managers are also responsible for managing the finances of the individual or organisation that they work for.

Role Of A Team Manager In Sport

Each sporting season, the sports manager plans the budget, taking into consideration possible revenues, operating costs as well as salaries of everyone from the athletes to sports coaches to staff members. In addition, sports managers handle the budgeting for team travel, equipment in addition to uniforms. The role of a team manager in sport needs to take into account player injuries, potential playoff games, as well as other issues which may arise that, would affect the budget.

Other sports managers assist with ticket sales and merchandising for the franchise or work in sports merchandising, selling sporting goods. At the university level, the responsibilities of a sport manager include being a compliance director.

Frequently, the sports manager acts as the face and spokesperson for the team and need to conduct interviews as well as press conferences with the media. Sometimes, the sport team manager duties include working as sports marketers or fundraisers who bring in corporate sponsors in addition to endorsements.

In addition, the sports manager’s responsibilities including serving as public relations personnel or sports information directors, directing media days for his team and working as a liaison between the team and media for interviews, scores and team updates. A sports manager may serve as an event planner for a team or athletic organisation.

Sports Manager’s Role and Duties

On a daily basis, the sports team manager duties may vary greatly. These duties include the following:

  • Spearheading public relations between athletes, coaches, additional athletic personnel as well as the media,
  • Accounting for sporting team travel plans,
  • Balancing an organisation’s income against financial commitments,
  • Planning public events where members of your team will be there and documented,
  • Partnering with promotional brands, introducing fundraisers, and landing endorsements to further strengthen team marketing efforts,
  • Instructing team personnel, and athletes, on methods for correct media interaction, as well as
  • Monitoring ticket sales.

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