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What Fitness Career Path Is Right For You

What Fitness Career Path Is Right For You

If you are passionate about health and fitness, and want a fitness career, there are many different career paths that you can consider before embarking on your journey as a fitness professional. There are many different factors to consider before making your decision. This is because not every fitness profession will suit your personality and character. Some professions will require you to travel a lot, work outdoors, work with people on a daily basis, and have great communication skills. Others might require you to work from behind a desk or work alone. Your character and personality will determine what kind of fitness profession you will be great at and which you need to pass on. So, before you choose, here are a few professions and factors to consider.

Fitness Career Possiblity #1: Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is someone who helps clients reach their personal health and fitness goals. Examples of these goals are:

  • Losing weight,
  • Picking up weight,
  • Getting stronger, faster and fitter,
  • Increasing muscle mass.

Personal trainers can also be seen as entrepreneurs or business owners. This is because most of them work for themselves and run very successful businesses and brands. Being a personal trainer gives you access to a lot of freedom and a luxury lifestyle if you are disciplined and hardworking. (Sign up for Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Entrepreneurship Course to learn the skills you need to run your own fitness businesss.)

Personal trainers need to be great at communication and working with people on a daily basis. They need to have a lot of passion for, and patience, getting their clients to reach their goals. They need to be able to motivate and inspire people to keep them disciplined. Being a business, having marketing skills is always a bonus as personal trainers need to market themselves and their business to get more clients.

Fitness Career Possiblity #2: Group Trainer or Instructor

A group trainer or instructor is someone who runs fitness classes for a group of people. Group fitness classes are great for people who do not want, or need, the personal attention and motivation that a personal trainer offers. Group trainers or instructors need to be able to work with and manage a big group of people. They need to very active, healthy, fit and energetic. Group trainers must have incredible motivating skills to keep the energy in the class high. (Check out Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Aerobics Instructor course for the best training you’ll get – ANYWHERE – as a group fitness instructor!)

Fitness Career Possiblity #3:Yoga/Pilates Teacher

A Yoga or Pilates instructor teaches people the practice of yoga and pilates. Yoga and pilates are mind-body exercises and therefore require someone who is meditative, calming, and patient. Yoga and pilates instructors are required to have great communication skills and work with people on a regular basis. However, the pace at which they work is not as intense and fast as personal trainers and group instructors. (Trifocus Fitness Academy offers a great range of mind-body courses. Click here to find out more.)

Fitness Career Possiblity #4: Nutritionist

Nutritionists help people with their nutrition. They work out healthy eating plans to suit a person’s medical conditions, food allergies, likes and dislikes, and goals.  The difference betweeen a nutritionist and a dietitian, says dietitian Cynthia Sass, “… lies in the depth, scope, length, and type of formal education and training.”

Although nutritionist works with people when they do consultations, it is less fast paced and a bit more isolated than a personal trainer or group fitness instructor as nutritionists are able to work alone. (If you’re considering a career as a nutritionist, Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Specialised Nutrition Course is the way to go! Follow this link to find out more.)

Fitness Career Possiblity #5: Physical Therapist

Physical therapists work with patients to help them move better or more easily, treat injuries, reduce pain, restore function and ease the symptoms of disability. Physical therapists need to have great communication skills as they work with patients on a daily basis. However, they are usually office based and follow a tight schedule every day.

In addition to the above-mentioned professions, there are strength and conditioning coaches, exercise physiologists and sports psychologists, along with a variety of other occupations and options for those looking for career paths in the health and fitness industry.

Before you decide on the path that is right for you, it is imperative that you do proper research and get as much knowledge about the profession – which you’re thinking of going into – as you can. Spending a day with someone who is already qualified and practising in the career path you want to pursue is a great way to gauge if it’s the right move for you.