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6 Tips to Building a Large Loyal Client Base as a Personal Trainer

6 Tips to Building a Large Loyal Client Base as a Personal Trainer

You can be the best personal trainer out there and have an accredited qualification such as the Personal Training Certificate from Trifocus Fitness Academy. However, all of this won’t mean anything unless you have a large base of clients who take advantage of your personal training services. Sound like an impossible task? Actually, it’s not. With our pointers, you’ll soon be on your way to having an incredibly loyal client base.

Your best clients come from referrals

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve asked a good friend of yours to recommend a service provider? How often have you decided to go with the person you’ve been recommended? We bet you’ll say most of the time. The reason for this is that because you trust that your friend won’t recommend someone who they haven’t had good service from.  The same is true for personal trainers.

So, make sure that you give your existing clients the best service out. Go the extra mile. For example, you may want to consider giving them a free session in their birthday month or sending out a newsletter to your client base which is full of handy tips in terms of nutrition and exercises (but obviously ask their permission first before putting them on your e-mail list) so that they will feel that you’re giving them more than what they are paying for. This will go a long way to ensuring that when a friend or colleague of theirs asks them to recommend a personal trainer, your name will be at the top of their mind.

Having a strong network is critical

Networking is just as powerful as word-of-mouth marketing because people who you know will be more likely to recommend you – as opposed to people that they don’t know – to others. Our suggestion is that you attend as many networking events as possible to increase your circle. You never know where your next big personal training client will come from!

Always having business cards handy

When you go to networking events, ensure that you have business cards with you so that you can leave people something to remember you by. Always ask for their business card in return so that you can follow up with them and keep the relationship going.

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Have meaningful conversations with people you meet

When you go to networking events, don’t focus only on selling your services. If you do this, people will switch off and disregard you as “just another salesperson”.  When you meet someone for the first time, who could potentially become a personal training client of yours, engage meaningfully with them about subjects that are not related to personal training and/or fitness. When you’ve finished your conversation, write down what you’ve spoken about so that you can follow up with them the next time you e-mail and/or see them.

Make sure that you’re active on social media

Social media platforms – such as Facebook and Instagram – are very powerful tools for you, as a personal trainer, to get your brand out there and, at the same time, build a loyal following of clients. So, develop branding and a logo for yourself, create a Facebook page and Instagram account, and showcase what you’re doing and how you can assist people in building their fitness and health. Create adverts to showcase your skills so that you can reach a wider audience.

Look at taking out advertising

Personal training is very much centered in a specific local community – in other words, around a gym or studio. This means that local publications – such as your local, community-based newspaper – are very effective platforms in which to take out advertising as people local to the community – and your potential customers – are more likely to see your adverts.

Google AdWords is another powerful form of advertising as you can target people who search for specific keywords. So, if you’re in Randburg, and offer personal training services at a gym, you’ll optimise your Google Ads for “Randburg personal trainer”. This means that when people enter these search terms they’ll land up on your advert. You’ll need a website to direct them to for more information about what you offer.

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