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Top 3 Benefits of Foam Rolling and Mistakes to Avoid

Top 3 Benefits of Foam Rolling and Mistakes to Avoid

“Have you ever had those days where you feel like your knee is feeling a little sore, but you don’t remember hurting it while you were training?” asks Kayla Itsines? “Sometimes things like training and bad posture can cause your muscles and their surrounding fibres to become thicker and tighter, which cause tension and sometimes pain in your body”, she says. The solution? Foam rolling!

3 Benefits of Foam Rolling: Prevents Injury and Helps You Recover Faster

  1. Many professional athletes from all sports are starting to use the foam roller. You can use the foam roller after a hard leg session to prevent spasms or cramps. The foam roller will also help your muscles to recover quicker.
  2. Breaks up scar tissue. Breaking up scar tissue is a necessary process for anyone if they want to have a healthy body. During foam rolling, you put targeted pressure on your fascia which releases your pressure points and reduces pain associated with, for example, shin splints.
  3. Improves mobility and flexibility: So you may be able to bench press a car but can you touch your toes or scratch your own back? A foam roller can increase your flexibility which can be highly beneficial.

3 Foam Rolling Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Roll Directly Where You Feel Pain: When we feel pain or suffer from a muscle injury, our first reaction is to massage the spot directly. However, this can be a big mistake.  The usual rule is to go indirect before direct. If you are able to pin point the spot that’s sensitive, it’s usually beneficial to ease away from that area by a few inches. Take your time to discover the entire area that is sensitive before you start using large, deep, sweeping motions.
  2. You Roll Too Fast: Rolling too quickly is a bad idea and you should definitely avoid it. Rather use slow, concentrated movements on the roller. If your movements are too fast, the muscles won’t have time to absorb the roller and they won’t have time to adapt to, and deal with, the compression. You also won’t eliminate adhesions. (Click here to find out what expert personal trainer, Rob Wilson, has to say about muscle adhesions.)
  3. You Spend Too Much Time on The Knots. If you keep a level of sustained pressure on one body part, you could easily hit a nerve or even damage the tissue. Many people will say that if you find or feel a knot, you should spend time working on it with the foam roller. However, a lot of people will spend five or even 10 minutes or more on the same area and they also try to use their whole body weight on the foam roller. As mentioned above, if you place a lot of weight on one spot for a sustained period time, you are rather likely to hit a nerve or damage tissue.

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