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We Catch Up With Trifocus Graduate, Jo-Anne Dannhauser

We Catch Up With Trifocus Graduate, Jo-Anne Dannhauser

Jo-Anne Dannhauser Q&A

Jo-Anne Dannhauser

Why did you choose Trifocus Fitness Academy for your college?

I chose Trifocus Fitness Academy because of the amazing online platform they offer as well as for the fact that they have highly competitive and affordable prices. They have a huge variety of courses available in order to expand your knowledge in the fitness industry and I absolutely love that!!!

What Course did you just complete?

I completed the Athletic Nutrition Course via the online platform through Trifocus Fitness Academy. I am currently busy with my Diploma in Personal training as well and I cannot wait to graduate!!! Trifocus offers the best online platform to make studies so much more fun and easy to do!

What did you enjoy best about this course?

I enjoyed this course a lot because the time it took me to complete the course was not much at all, on top of that, the online platform made things a lot easier and quicker for me and allowed me to pass this course with amazing scores! I Loved it!

How did you like the online learning material what parts of the online experience did you enjoy the most? (if the question is applicable)

The online experience was amazing. The platform Trifocus provides is extremely easy to use and the short video explanations makes a huge difference. The online platform provides you with the feeling of being in class with a mentor right in front of you! The learning experience is truly amazing.

Would you recommend Trifocus to your colleagues and why?

I would recommend Trifocus Fitness Academy to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in the fitness industry with the use of easy and accessible material and platforms to make your learning experience quick and a LOT of FUN!!! Trifocus offers highly competitive prices which is amazing. I would not hesitate recommending Trifocus to anyone!

How has becoming qualified with Trifocus improved your Life Style and Wellness out look?

Becoming qualified changed my life significantly for the main reason that I’ve learned many new things through this course. It has taught me a lot of things I never even considered before! I can now live a healthier lifestyle and help others achieve better health too, by expanding their knowledge as well! 

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