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What is a life coach?

Life coaching is all about synergy. It is a relationship between a professional life coach and a client so that the client can realise their full potential. Pro golfers do not become pros without the guidance of their coach. Coaches provide insights, different perspectives and support. Many successful people today take on the services of a life coach so that they can take their success to the next level by reaching their personal and business goals.

A life coach is a consultant, a motivator, a psychologist and a friend. They work with many people from different walks of life, from CEOs and entrepreneurs to athletes and just regular Joes.  Says life coach, Andrea Owen, about what a life coach does: “A life coach will help you dig underneath the thoughts and feelings of “what if’s”, help you discover what’s important to you about this decision, and explore those voices. Which one is the scared and playing-it-safe inner-critic and which one is your bedazzling inner intuitive voice.  A life coach won’t make the decision for you, but help you clarify and sort it all out.”

What makes a great life coach

Why does life coaching achieve such great results?

Life coaches will see things from a different perspective as they are on the outside looking in, seeing things for what they are, from an objective point of view. They are often your pillar of strength when trying to achieve your goals.

A study was done to compare the increase the productivity of people by providing training alone, versus providing training and a life coach. People who only did the training increased their productivity by 20% whereas people with training and a life coach increased by 85%.

This is why the results were so different:

  • People who train with a personal trainer train much harder than people who train alone. The same applies to life coaches. Life coaches see their clients around 4 times a month. These appointments cause the clients to get more done than if they were left on their own. You don’t want to let your life coach down so you might set higher goals, think a little bigger or even take bigger actions.
  • Life coaches are trained professionals who have some form of life coaching certification and they know the best ways for you to set your goals, how to set realistic goals, and how to achieve greater productivity. You will achieve far more in less time.
  • Life coaches who are well trained know how to motivate you by choosing their words carefully. They don’t have to nag or force you to do things. They motivate you so that you want to do those things. You will actually become excited about your appointments with your life coach, especially if you are seeing results or just feeling better about the way you are handling certain situations.

A lot of people discover that improvements are seen very early on after hiring a professional life coach. So if you feel like you could be the best life coach ever, study the life coaching certification at Trifocus Fitness Academy and start helping people achieve their goals. Follow this link to find out more.

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