About Trifocus Fitness Academy

Trifocus Fitness Academy is South Africa’s leading physical fitness education academy. Our academy offers the most array of fitness education such as personal training courses as well as fitness, sport, and health qualifications on the market. We aim to provide our physical fitness education at the most competitive prices that the industry has to offer. All physical education and fitness courses have easy and flexible payment options. This makes gaining a Trifocus Fitness Academy accreditation affordable and very accessible.

All physical fitness education courses are locally and internationally accredited. This means that after completing your fitness education you will be able to work at any commercial, private health or fitness facilities in South Africa or overseas.

All of our fitness education academy personal training and fitness courses are comprehensively designed and well-suited to the requirements of the fitness industry at the moment.

Our Mission

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s mission is to provide South Africa’s widest range of nationally and internationally accredited physical education and fitness courses, an array of fitness courses as well as educational programmes at very affordable prices to the public.

We strongly believe in creating opportunities for individual growth through job creation, our Trifocus Fitness Academy accreditation and eliminating the barriers of entry for individuals who want to enter into sports and fitness as a career.

Our Values

We endeavour to effect powerful and positive change in physical fitness education by helping students to create a passion for healthy living, fitness and well-being in the lives of others.

At Trifocus Fitness Academy we strive to always offer our fitness education students the best student support resources as well as the most updated course information via our training and education materials.

Accreditations and Endorsements

  • CATHSSETA – Culture, Arts, Sports and Hospitality Industry (South Africa)
  • ICE – Institute of Credentialing Excellence (United States)
  • NTEC – Nutrition Therapy Education Commission (United Kingdom)
  • REPSSA – Register of fitness professionals (South Africa)
  • CHE – Higher Education Quality Controls & Training Committee (HEQCTO) and the Council for Higher Education (CHE)