Trifocus Fitness Academy - crash diets

Why Crash Diets Don’t Work?

The practice of crash dieting is when you cut your calorie intake significantly in order to lose weight fast. So why is it a bad idea? Crash diets do a lot more harm than good.…
Trifocus Fitness Academy - LISS cardio

What Is LISS Cardio?

LISS, which is otherwise known as ‘Low Intensity Steady State’ training, involves exercises such as walking, hiking or cycling. It is one of those things which you’ve probably heard in passing however you’re still not…
Trifocus Fitness Academy - Nordic hamstring curls

What Are Nordic Hamstring Curls?

The Nordic hamstring curl, which is also known as the Nordic ham curl as well as the inverse leg curl, is a lower body exercise which uses your bodyweight in order to activate your hamstring…
Trifocus Fitness Academy - food

How Does Junk Food Promote Diabetes?

Junk food is everywhere. Junk food is high in calories however quite low in nutritional value. Generally speaking, these foods encompass processed and prepared snack foods with long, frequently unpronounceable ingredient lists.Eating excess sugars and…
Trifocus Fitness Academy - strength

What Are The Benefits Of Working Out For Strength?

Strength training offers a number of health benefits, such as a lower risk of heart disease as well as diabetes, stronger bones, improved brain health and mood in addition to improved self-esteem. Luckily, strength training…