UK Accredited Advanced Sports Nutrition Programme

UK Accredited Advanced Sports Nutrition Programme

Course Description

Thinking of completing an Advanced Sports Nutrition Programme?

This UK Accredited Advanced Sports Nutrition Programme will educate you on intricate details of what an athlete’s diet should look like and the nutritional needs of different athletes.

Armed with this knowledge, you will safely be able to identify what a good and healthy diet should look like for an athlete and advise on dietary requirements for different types of lifestyles and sporting requirements.

The UK Accredited Advanced Sports Nutrition Programme will educate you on the underpinning and fundamental knowledge of a variety of different sports and the nutritional requirements of the athletes partaking in the sport.

This course is benchmarked from the outcomes of the Nutritional Therapy Education Commission (NTEC) who is the leading nutrition education institution in the United Kingdom. This Sports Nutrition Course is proudly accredited with the commission which makes this course internationally portable and transferable – giving you the power to take your Sports Nutrition education and apply it how you see fit – locally and internationally.

This nutrition course is an online course that can be taken at any time of the year and is completely self-paced. This gives you the flexibility of studying in this busy world. You will be fully supported along your journey with Trifocus Fitness Academy’s full time support staff.

If you are ready to study Sports Nutrition – then this is the course for you!

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Module 1: Physiological Functions in Health and Disease

  • Learn how major physiological systems in the body are structured and function.
  • Discover how the body’s physiology responds to physical activity.
  • Explore how energy is balanced in the body and how appetite is regulated.

Module 2: Food and Diet in Sports Nutrition Practice

  • Delve into what affects how we make food choices.
  • Learn about the nutrients that make up food.
  • Evaluate how sports nutraceuticals should be used safely.

Module 3: Assessment and Planning for Sports Nutrition Practice

  • Learn the best way of communicating good nutrition practices to your athlete.
  • Discover how to design your own integrated nutritional and fitness assessment tools for your athlete.
  • Become knowledgeable about the recommended nutritional intake for an athlete. 

Module 4: Sports Nutritional Management

  • Discover the art of tailor-making meal plans for your athlete.
  • Uncover how to give nutritional advice to your athlete.
  • Know how to select the correct sports nutraceuticals.
  • Gain an advanced understanding of sports nutrition in terms of the Glycaemic Index, Nutrition for Children, and Nutrition for Special Populations.


R9700total payment
  • Deposit R3500
  • R2067 (3 months)

R9700total payment
  • Deposit R2500
  • R1440 (5 months)

How to Study

This Online Sports Nutrition course is an online course designed and on a bespoke learning system where you will be able to get everything you expect out of a course with an exciting blend of multi-media options.


Through the detailed videos, assessments, and forums on your online dedicated learning portal, you will be able to have the full benefit of our world-class education – when it’s convenient for you.

The online platform includes:

  • All learning activities assessments pertaining to your course
  • Animated and interactive games to test your knowledge
  • Dynamic Progress trackers so you can see how far you have come
  • Thousands of slides with informative and colourful images
  • Unlimited access to the online platform
  • Videos including exercise and anatomical footage

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you learn on an online sports nutrition course?

    You will learn to develop the knowledge of sports nutritional applied sciences and apply it to performance and exercise. Additionally, you will learn the metabolic and physiological processes involved in different sporting activities and develop an understanding of the relationship between sports and exercise and diet.

    What is a Sports Nutrition Specialist?

    A sports nutrition specialist is someone that has studied sports nutrition and applied their knowledge to work with athletes to develop their diets to help optimise their performance. Their primary focus is to design nutritional plans that allows the athlete to operate that their peak performance.

    What will my typical day look life after studying the sports nutrition course?

    A typical day will be checking in with your athletes and assessing their diets, mind and body connections with their food and adjusting where you see necessary.

    What skills will the Diploma of Sports Nutrition teach me?

    Application of evaluating dietary requirements for the different types of athletes.
    Knowledge of eating disorders and possible substance abuse.
    Accurately assess the athlete’s energy balances through diet.
    The ability to measure body weight, body composition and height
    Can understand the correct motivational techniques for athletes.

    How long will the course take me?

    This online sport nutrition course will take you roughly 6-9 months to complete.

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