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We offer kids fitness courses for anyone that wants to become experts in fitness programs and exercises for kids. Enroll for a children’s fitness course today!

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We offer pregnancy exercise courses for budding pregnancy fitness trainers who want to help pregnant women exercise during the prenatal stage. Register now!

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We offer an exercise & elderly course where you will learn how to manage age-related health symptoms & disabilities. Become an expert in elderly exercise.

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What are special populations fitness courses?

Working with a number of different individuals you’ll notice that no one has exactly the same fitness needs. However, in most cases, it’s entirely possible to give them a similar fitness workout when they have similar health conditions and goals.

People who have unique medical conditions – such as musculoskeletal disorders or previous injuries that haven’t been rehabbed properly – can’t have the same treatment. They will risk injuring themselves again and not be able to work out owing to the pain if they are forced to exercise the way that everyone else does. It explains the need for certified fitness instructors who specialise in training special groups (people with chronic ailments or musculoskeletal complications).

Where can I study special populations fitness in South Africa?

There are a number of different places that you can study special populations fitness in South Africa. First, you need to decide if you prefer online education or learning in a classroom environment. If classroom learning is more up your alley, search for suitable courses that are near you and offer convenient class times. However, if you prefer to go the online route then you can’t go wrong with Trifocus Fitness Academy.

Which course is best for special citizens’ fitness?

If you’re looking for a course to study special citizen’s fitness then you can’t go wrong with one that is nationally and internationally accredited.

Why should I get a special populations fitness certification?

Opt for a special populations fitness certification and you’ll definitely distinguish your skillset from the pack. In this insightful course, you learn how to best assist special populations with their needs for health and fitness. Once you’ve finished the course, you will be ready to deal with clients with a range of diverse health conditions both in the short and long term.

How long do special populations’ fitness courses take?

It will take approximately three months to complete a special populations fitness course.

Are special populations fitness courses accredited?

The special populations fitness courses on offer at Trifocus Fitness Academy are endorsed and accredited with the following South African and international bodies:

  • CATHSSETA – Culture, Arts, Sports and Hospitality Industry (South Africa)
  • ICE – Institute of Credentialing Excellence (United States)
  • NTEC – Nutrition Therapy Education Commission (United Kingdom)
  • REPSSA – Register of fitness professionals (South Africa)
  • CHE – Higher Education Quality Controls & Training Committee (HEQCTO) and the Council for Higher Education (CHE)