Exercise and Children Course

Having a healthy and fit younger generation is paramount for our nation. Children’s physical wellbeing has been put under the spotlight for many years now. Becoming a professional in children’s exercise has become a growing trend and now you can be able to do just this.

After successful completion of the of the Exercise for Children Course, you’ll be able to instruct and design exercise programmes for children taking into consideration the benefits and risks associated with this kind of exercise training.

If you are ready for this exciting and rewarding new career, then this course is just for you!

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Exercise and Pregnancy Course

The Trifocus Exercise and Pregnancy Course is a fascinating course that explores the incredible changes that happen to a woman’s body during the different trimesters of pregnancy.

After course completion you will be able to successfully train pregnant woman safely throughout her pregnancy journey.

If this niche profession interests you then this is a course well worth looking at.

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Exercise and Elderly Course

Becoming fitness professional in elderly exercise allows you to have the specialised knowledge on topics such as nutrition, safety precautions, physiology and increased health risks for this special populations group. You’ll also learn to manage age-related health symptoms and disabilities.

This is a rewarding and highly specialised profession.

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Exercise and Special Populations Course

A special population refers to groups of people with specific exercise and fitness needs and requires a greater level of supervision. This group includes children, the elderly population and pregnant woman.

This course is a bundled course that covers all these special population groups so you can become a well-rounded exercise professional in special populations groups.

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