Life Coaching Certification

Life Coaching Certification

Course Description

This specialised course aims to train you to be a life coach in the health industry and lead your clients towards a balanced and holistic lifestyle. The mind-body connection is real, and in order for people to thrive and live healthy lives, their minds need to be fine-tuned for this to become a reality. This mind and body course is designed to integrate fundamental life coaching skills with motivational techniques to enable their clientele to thrive in their life. This course is endorsed by REPSSA.

Enquire now about becoming a Life Coach through Trifocus and take your skills and passion to new heights.

In today’s busy and demanding world there is an ever-increasing need for productivity both mentally and physically. This is why Life Coaching has become a booming industry all over the world!  Now is your chance to hone into your skills and become a Life Coach!

Life Coaching Package:

  • Life Coaching Course

Additional courses included in the Life Coaching Package:

  • Entrepreneurship Course
  • Social Media Marketing

You save R11890 with the Life Coaching Package

  • Becoming a Life Coach gives you an opportunity to work with a diverse clientele both on a one-on-one basis and in groups.
  • Learn what’s meant by Life Coaching and the benefits it will have, not only for your clients but for yourself as well.
  • You’ll understand the value of life skills and how honing these transforms you into a positive go-getter.
  • In this Life Coaching course, we differentiate between therapy and coaching, and show you how to bring meaningful input and change to people who are eager to embrace it.
  • The greatest gift you as a life coach can give to your clients is helping them become the best version of themselves and achieve their personal goals. We discuss how to do this in detail, and conclude the course with tips on how to start your own successful Life Coaching business.

This online Life Coaching course is also offered through correspondence learning and can be started anytime during the year.

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Module 1: Assessing the Client

  • Interview your client in a sensitive manner.
  • Interpret what your client has told you.
  • Help your client set realistic goals.

Module 2: Business/Marketing Tools

  • Draw up a marketing plan.
  • Design a sales strategy.
  • Plan a customer service strategy.

Module 3: Career Coaching

  • Teach your client how to set SMART goals.
  • Help them learn the tools of properly assessing why they want to follow a particular career path.
  • Learn how to assess clients’ communication skills.

Module 4: Principles of Wellness and Wellness Coaching

  • Teach your client about wellness.
  • Unpack wellness concepts for your client.
  • Build up a network of health professionals so that you can refer your client if necessary.

Module 5: Client/Coach Relationship

  • Develop your listening skills.
  • Learn how to put yourself in your clients’ shoes.
  • Learn how to ask questions that matter.

Module 6: Demonstration and Presentation Skills

  • Learn the skill of making your clients mentally fit.
  • Uncover your hidden verbal communication talents.
  • Unpack the pros and cons of various audiovisual aids.

Module 7: Nutrition

  • Design a nutritional plan for clients.
  • Learn how to read and interpret food labels.
  • Give advice on nutritional supplements.

Module 8: Relationship Coaching

  • Discover what relevant relationship skills are.
  • Acquire the must-have skill of rewording and reworking feelings.
  • Unearth skills to overcome shyness.

Module 9: Time Management

  • Help your clients understand the benefit of timetabling.
  • Assist in them drawing up their own timetables.
  • Help clients beat procrastination.

Module 10: Self-Coaching Development

  • Teach your client how they can deal with difficult situations on their own.
  • Learn how to emphasize the power of positivity.
  • Discover the powerful art of visualization.

Module 11: The Right Skills for the Job

  • Act in an ethical manner in your business.
  • Be professionally accountable.
  • Understand values conflict and be able to help your clients overcome this.



R10300total payment
  • Deposit R3300
  • R2333 (3 months)

R10300total payment
  • Deposit R2900
  • R1480 (5 months)

How to Study

How you can learn at Trifocus Fitness Academy

We offer exciting, dynamic, and interactive ways in which you can learn how to become the best Life Coach you can be!


Our online learning platform is state-of-the-art. Through the videos, questionnaires and forums on your dedicated learning portal, you will be able to have the full benefit of our world-class Life Coaching training – when it’s convenient for you.

The online platform includes:

  • All assessments
  • Animated and interactive games to test your knowledge
  • Hundreds of slides with colorful and informative images
  • Progress trackers
  • Unlimited access to the online platform

Please note: If you choose this option, all study material is online. No hard copy study material will be sent to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Life Coaching Certification Course?

The average Trifocus Fitness Academy student completes the Life Coaching Certification within 4 to 18 months.

Are there payment plans and discounts available for the Life Coaching Certification Course?

Payments for the  Life Coaching Certification Course can be made via Payfast, EFT, or by debit order (which is deducted on the last working day of every month). We offer an 18% discount if you pay the course fees upfront.

Is there student support for the Life Coaching Certification Course?

Yes, there are student support managers available to assist you from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

When can you start the Life Coaching course?

The Life Coaching Certification course can be started at any time during the year.

What are the requirements for the Life Coaching Certification?

There are three six-week case studies that have to be completed for the Life Coaching Certification.

What does Trifocus Fitness Academy’s online learning platform look like?

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s online learning platform was built with the end-user in mind, offering students slides, videos, interactive games, and seamless downloads.  All courses are designed to enhance knowledge in the fitness arena.

What are the registration requirements for the Life Coaching Certification?

In order to register for the  Life Coaching Certification Course, we require a valid South African ID, or a valid passport if you reside outside of South Africa.

Why study Life Coaching with Trifocus Fitness Academy?

Life Coaching has become a booming industry due to the ever-increasing need for productivity both mentally and physically.

Becoming a Life Coach will give you the opportunity to work with a diverse clientele both on a one-on-one basis and in groups.

Where can you work with a Life Coaching Certification?

You can start your own Life Coaching business.

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