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Is it your life’s ambition to become a personal fitness trainer? Is your happy place in the gym rather than behind a computer at a desk? If so, why aren’t you making this happen?

If this describes you, then this Personal Training Fitness Course  Occupational Skills Certificate (NQF5) will solve all your problems.

This means that armed with a completed certificate from our Personal Training Course, you’ll be in line for local and international opportunities as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

Travel the world on a cruise ship, open your own training business, join a commercial gym… The world’s your oyster with a Trifocus Fitness Academy Personal Training Course under your belt!

Our Personal Training Course teaches everything you need to know about becoming a world-class personal trainer and fitness instructor.

Pursuing your dreams of becoming a personal trainer or fitness instructor is within your reach! You don’t have to dedicate months and months of your life to the pursuit of your fitness dreams.

You can complete our Personal Training Course in as little as 3 MONTHS!

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  • Apply Anatomical and Biomechanical Principles to Exercise
    Discover how the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body apply to, and effect, exercise.
  • Relate Anatomical and Physiological Principles to Fitness
    Find out how to adapt
    exercise to your clients depending on their physiological make-up.
  • Employ Sport and Exercise Physiology in Health
    Learn how sports and exercise influence overall health and wellness.
  • Decipher Nutrition Fundamentals
    Learn how nutrition and exercise work hand in hand, and how you can adapt these to suit your clients’ specific needs.
  • Use Best Practices in Terms of Assessments and Health Screening
    Get a great grounding in how to use assessments and health screening techniques to best develop an exercise programme for your clientele.
  • Employ the Most-Effective Motivation Techniques with Your Clients
    Learn from the best fitness experts out there about how to motivate your clients to keep to their routines.
  • Apply Wellness Concepts in your Business
    Learn to assess your clients holistically by assessing their wellness and advising accordingly.
  • Work with Clients with Special Needs
    Discover how to train special populations – such as children, pregnant women and older people – so that they can become fit and healthy and maintain their overall wellness.
  • Use Fundamental Business Principles to Run Your Own Fitness Business
    Become an expert entrepreneur and master being your own boss so that you can make your business soar!
  • Design Exercise Programmes
    Put together exercise programmes – cardiovascular, endurance and strength – to make sure that your clients achieve their goals.
  • Integrate People with Disabilities into Sport
    Include people suffering from disabilities into sport and exercise and learn how to adapt these accordingly.
  • Maintain Fitness Equipment
    Know how to keep fitness equipment in your gym in tip-top condition.
  • Manage risks, as well as health and safety, in a fitness environment
    Learn how to reduce risks in your fitness business and maintain good health and safety standards.


R12100total payment
  • Deposit R3000
  • R3033 (3 months)

R12100total payment
  • Deposit R2500
  • R1371 (7 months)

R22800total payment
  • Deposit R3000
  • R3960 (5 months)

R22800total payment
  • Deposit R2500
  • R1562 (13 months)

How to Study


The Trifocus Fitness Academy online platform includes all assessments and course literature in one place that you can study from either your mobile phone or computer any time you like.

Trifocus’s online platform is bespoke to Trifocus. It includes:

  • Assessments
  • Interactive games
  • Progress trackers
  • Colourful illustrations
  • Trifocus ambassador videos

Please take note: If you choose this option, all study material is online. No hard copy assessment material will be sent to you.

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    Becoming a fitness professional requires a lot more from you than just reading the course content! All South African Accredited Fitness Qualifications require the student to complete a stipulated number of experiential shadowing hours.

    You must complete and pass your fitness course because it will help you obtain work experience before entering the fitness industry.

    Trifocus Fitness Academy and teamed up with ShadowMe.Fitness to enable you to complete your certified fitness shadowing hours virtually. ShadowMe.Fitness has the world’s best fitness instructors demonstrating and upskilling you in your chosen fitness niche.

    Benefits of this include:

    • Faster completion of your Personal training course
    • Complete your certified shadowing hours in the comfort of your own home
    • Can be done from any device
    • Save on travel costs, gym entrance fees
    • No need to visit a gym or fitness studio to get your shadow hours
    • Your certified shadowing deck is authenticated through bespoke software
    • Lifetime access to your chosen fitness niche

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will it take to complete Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Personal Training Course?

    The average Trifocus Fitness Academy student completes the Personal Training Course within 4 to 18 months.

    Does Trifocus Fitness Academy offer a payment plan and discount for the Personal Training Course?

    Payments can be made via Payfast, EFT or by debit order (which is deducted on the last working day of every month). We offer an 18% discount if you pay the course fees upfront.

    Is there student support?

    Yes, there are student support managers available to assist you from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

    When can you start the Personal Training Course?

    The Personal Training Course can be started at any time during the year.

    What are the practical requirements for the Personal Training Course?

    There are practical requirements that you must fulfil in order to obtain the Personal Training qualification. For example, you may have to shadow a fitness trainer, write a case study and do a practical examination.

    Is the Personal Training Course internationally accredited?

    Yes, the Personal Training Course is REPSSA accredited and accepted throughout Europe, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. We also hold the ACAP accreditation through ICE, which is accepted throughout the US and Canada.

    What does Trifocus Fitness Academy’s online learning platform look like?

    Our online learning platform was built with the end user in mind, offering the student slides, videos, interactive games and seamless downloads.

    What are the registration requirements for the Personal Training Course?

    We require a valid South African ID, or a valid passport if you reside outside of South Africa. You must have a Matric/Grade 12 certificate.

    Why study Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Personal Training Course?

    Our Personal Training Course is suitable for a person who is over the age of 35 wanting to become a personal trainer.

    Where can you work with a Personal Training qualification from Trifocus Fitness Academy?

    You can work at private or commercial health clubs or gyms. You can even work on a cruise ship! Trifocus Fitness Academy gives you the opportunity to obtain an accredited qualification that is recognised both locally and internationally.

    What personal trainer course is the most respected?

    A respected personal trainer course takes the knowledge and information that a qualified personal trainer needs to have and packages it in such a way that is easy to learn and digest. The course is backed by qualified and trained educational assessors and facilitators which have knowledge in sports and fitness and who can answer any questions that students may have.

    Finally, the course and training institution will be accredited by respected health and fitness bodies. This accreditation is their stamp of approval for prospective students, telling them that when they complete the course, they will have all the knowledge that they need in order to become the best personal trainer that they can.

    Here is a list of the most respected Personal Trainer courses in South Africa

    Personal Trainer Platinum Package
    Personal Trainer Gold Package
    Personal Trainer Silver Package

    How long is a personal trainer course?

    It really depends on the type of personal trainer course that you choose to study. Courses such as the Gold Personal Trainer Certification Package, which is offered by Trifocus Fitness Academy, can take students between 12 and 18 months to complete. However personal training courses – such as the Personal Training Diploma – can take students up to two years to complete.

    Is it hard to become a personal trainer?

    No, it is not hard – We would prefer to say that it is challenging in a good way! To become the best at this line of work you must constantly study and practice. Becoming a personal trainer is not as easy as waving a magic wand or snapping your fingers. It takes time, dedication, and perseverance. However, if this is your life’s ambition, and it is all that you really want to do, then becoming a personal trainer is something that’s worth the hard work.

    How much do personal trainers earn in South Africa?

    How much you earn depends on how hard you are prepared to work. This does not just apply to your training of clients. It applies to all activities that are related to your personal training business – from how well you market yourself to how hard you train yourself. On average, Personal Trainers earn anywhere from R14,000 to R65,000 per month depending on how they structure and manage their business.

    How do I start a career as a personal trainer?

    As a starting point, you need to do an accredited personal training course. Why ‘accredited’, you may ask? If you complete an accredited Personal Trainer course, then you will be recognised in all major gyms and health facilities. Additionally, you will be able to offer your clients well researched and suitable information and exercises that they need.

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