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How long is each course?
What are the payment plans and discounts available?
Where are Trifocus Fitness Academy’s campuses and head office?
What is contained in a student assessment pack?
Is there student support?
When can you start the course?
Why choose Trifocus Fitness Academy?
What are the practical requirements for a Trifocus Fitness Academy course?
Are our fitness courses internationally accredited?
What is the minimum age that you can start one of Trifocus Fitness Academy's fitness courses?
What are the registration requirements for Trifocus Fitness Academy?
Why choose Trifocus Fitness Academy?
Where can you work with a fitness qualification from Trifocus Fitness Academy ?
What does the online learning platform look like?
When does the debit order run?
Do we offer bursaries or learnerships?
Is there any additional charge to take the debit order option?
Can I postpone of freeze my debit order or payment plan?
Do I receive a pack?

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