Life Coaching Certification

This specialised course is aimed toward training you to be a life coach in the health industry and leading your clients towards a balanced and holistic lifestyle. The mind-body connection is real, and in order for people to thrive and live healthy lives, their minds need to be fine-tuned for this to become a reality.  This course is designed to integrate fundamental life coaching skills with motivational techniques to enable their clientele to thrive in their life. This course is endorsed by COMENSA and REPSSA.

Enquire now about becoming a Life Coach through Trifocus and take your skills and passion to new heights.

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Mind-body Certification

You can now become a mind-body specialist by mastering the art of both Pilates and Yoga and having core fundamental knowledge of how the body responds to exercise. Having all this knowledge in your position will allow you to confidently to acquire and train a diverse and loyal clientele base.

Enquire now about Trifocus Fitness Academy Mind-Body Certification and take your career to new heights.

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Sports Phycology Course

Sports psychology is an ever changing and dynamic field of work. Having the role of a soft skills Sports Phycologist does differ to that of a licenced Sports Phycologist as you are not permitted to treat phycological disorders. However, having the fundamental knowledge of a sports phycologist will allow you to coach in a sports or in the fitness arena and have deeper knowledge of how to handle a ray of different personalities.

Up your game in the fitness or sports arena and find out what makes an athlete tick. Enquire now about the Sports Phycology Course.

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Pilates instructor Course

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Condensed Pilates Course covers both beginner to advanced Pilates mat and small accessories for beginner to advanced Pilates instruction. This is an outstanding course for individuals wanting to instruct Pilates group classes or one-on-one private Pilates sessions.

Included in this course page is both the Specialised Nutrition course and the Exercise Science Course, which gives you an edge in your Pilates business.

The course is both CATHSSETA Accredited and REPSSA endorsed.

Enquire now about becoming a Pilates instructor and applying for this dynamic course.

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