Yoga Certification Course

The Trifocus Fitness Academy Yoga course gives you a comprehensive understanding of Yoga. Both ancient Yogic philosophy and Asana’s are taught – giving you the chance to have a thorough understanding of all Yoga techniques and knowledge.

The course provides you with the skill you will need in order to instruct Yoga classes and give Yoga workshops.

Additional free courses are the Life Coaching Course and Social media marketing course. These courses will ensure that you are a holistically trained instructor ready to teach an array of individuals and market yourself in a digitally advanced world.

Become a qualified Yoga instructor today!

Aerobic Course

This group instructor course will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to work as a Group Exercise Instructor in a variety of fitness facilities. The course provides you with current and researched principles of exercise science along with videos instructions and illustrations to ensure that you are a well-rounded and proficient aerobics instructor.

The Free Additional added course in the online bootcamp course which will ensure that you stay current and up to date with today’s group exercise trends.

Become an Aerobics instructor today!

Kettlebell Course

Kettlebells have been used in exercise routines for many years and have now become common in all forms of exercise regimes including aerobics classes, CrossFit classes and used for one-on-one training with Personal Trainers.

Now you can become a qualified Kettlebell instructor with Trifocus Fitness Academy intense kettle bell instruction course.

Begin your course today and take your Kettlebell techniques and training to a new level!

Comprehensive Bootcamp Course

Trifocus Fitness Academy Bootcamp course will take your outdoor exercise classes to a new level. The course is designed for aspiring and current exercise professionals to instruct Bootcamp exercises and drills within a group environment.

You will learn core high-intensity and functional exercises that can be incorporated into traditional strength training and cardio routines or offered in a Bootcamp class format.

Become an accredited Bootcamp instructor today!

Boxing Certification Course

Boxing has been around for hundreds of years and shows no sign of slowing down. With this dynamic course you will learn to instruct classic boxing drills to individuals. Additionally, you will learn core boxing techniques such as wrapping and different forms of boxing drills.

Become a professional boxing instructor today with Trifocus!


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