Pilates is an exercise that targets the core powerhouse and works on improving the strength and appearance of the abdominal muscles. As we have been producing world-class Pilates instructors over the last number of years, here we share some of the knowledge that we’ve gained and feedback that our successful students have given us regarding their Pilates practices in their studios.

How to increase circulation with Pilates

Unlike an aerobic activity (for example, running)  where you can feel that your heart is being strengthened with every noticeable beat, the direct health effects of Pilates can be a bit less obvious—though this doesn’t…
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Everything you want to know about Pilates

Pilates is a type of low-impact exercise which aims to strengthen muscles while – at the same time – improving postural alignment as well as flexibility. Pilates moves have a tendency to target the core,…
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3 Intermediate Pilates Exercises

Intermediate Pilates exercises are meant to be practised in the context of different exercises, at a variety of levels, which function together in order to create a balanced, dynamic workout. Before you include intermediate exercises…
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