Specialised Nutrition Course

Specialised Nutrition Course

Course Description

Interested in becoming a nutrition specialist?

Our Specialised Nutrition Course is the most comprehensive and informative on the market. You’ll learn about the food groups, how to create well-balanced meals, and unlock the secrets to healthy eating.

The Trifocus online nutrition course is benchmarked as one of the most cutting-edge nutrition advisor courses in South Africa, giving you the knowledge of a professional nutritionist – this course has you covered!

This Specialist Nutrition Course is a scientifically based nutrition course that is designed to educate students on evidence-based nutritional principles that can stand the test of time. In addition, candidates will be able to make recommendations about meeting the sports nutrition needs of individuals involved in sporting or fitness-related activities.

This course is an online nutrition course that gives you the flexibility you need to study at your own pace in your own time.

Trifocus Fitness Academy is an accredited institution with CATHSSETA and registered with SAQA.

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Module 1: Fundamental Nutrition

  • Design a nutritional strategy for clients.
  • Learn how to read and interpret food labels.
  • Give advice on nutritional supplements.
  • Understand nutritional food groups. 

Module 2: Fundamentals of the GI

  • Learn what the Glycemic Index (GI) is.
  • Differentiate between ‘low GI’ and ‘high GI’ foods.
  • Discover how to manage metabolic diseases using the GI Index.

Module 3: Specialized Populations Nutrition

  • Learn the unique nutritional needs of special populations.
  • Advise special populations on their nutritional requirements.
  • Acquire specialist nutritionist knowledge about different populations.
  • Learn to identify the symptoms of female athlete triad syndrome.

Module 4: Sports Nutrition

  • Explain the science behind eating and sports.
  • Design a nutritional guide for sportspeople.
  • Learn what it takes to be a sports nutritionist.
  • Discuss the effects of drugs in sports.

Module 5: Youth and Nutrition

  • Learn the optimal nutritional needs of children.
  • Discover how to assess if a child is being nourished correctly.
  • Design nutritional guides suitable for a particular child. 

Module 6: Food and Nutrition

  • Understand how eating healthy affects an individual physically.
  • Explore the advantages of food and nutrition on mental health.
  • Learn about food’s role in sports and physical activity.


R8300total payment
  • Deposit R2800
  • R2750 (2 months)

How to Study

We offer this online nutrition course on our dynamic, and interactive learning management system. Here you which you can learn how to become the best nutritional advisor you can be.

You will be able to complete this course by using our state-of-the art online learning platform. Through the videos, questionnaires and student support assistance on your dedicated learning portal you will be able to have the full benefit of our world-class nutrition education – when it’s convenient for you.

Online platform includes:

  • All assessments
  • Animated and interactive games to test your knowledge
  • Progress trackers
  • Thousands of slides with detailed information and colourful images
  • Packed with slides regarding nutritional principles, food principles and specialised nutritionist information.
  • Unlimited access to the online platform
  • Videos, including exercise and anatomical footage

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nutrition Course?

A nutrition course aims to educate students about nutrition, food, and how to make the correct choices for specific individuals which ultimately would affect their health. The online course is a short nutrition course and does not certify one to be a medically qualified nutritionist.

Although similar information is given in this course to that of a medical nutritionist course, this is a far more condensed version aiming to give students a more vocational outlook to their profession.

Is Nutrition a Good Career Choice?

Yes. Getting educated in proper food and nutritional principles will complement any career as an add on as well as give you new career prospects in the health industry.

How Long is the Nutrition Course?

The nutrition course takes roughly 3-6 months to complete. However, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way, so we allow 12 months to complete the Nutrition Specialist Course.

What are the Entry Requirements for the Nutrition Course?

The course is set to an NQF 5 on the National Qualification Framework and therefore we require that you have your grade 9/NQF 4 behind you.

Are there Payment Structures for the Nutrition Course?

Yes, there are numerous payment options for this online nutrition course. We offer discounts on full payments, debit order options, and we have payment plans available.

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