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    Trifocus Fitness Academy is South Africa’s leader in fitness and sports education, offering the most extensive array of Personal Training Courses and a variety of other Fitness and Sport qualifications in South Africa at the most competitive prices.

    With our easy-to-follow, carefully constructed course material, you can turn your passion for fitness into a viable career. Our cutting-edge online learning platform is packed with loads of informative content, including slides and videos.

    All of our Fitness courses are accredited by CATHSSETA and endorsed by REPSSA, therefore, ensuring that you can work at ALL commercial and private fitness and health facilities nationwide or abroad.

    Trifocus Fitness Academy has a dedicated team of educators and facilitators available to coach and mentor you every step of the way so that you can make your passion for fitness your career and join the exciting world of health and fitness, today!

    We believe in expanding the knowledge of Fitness through accredited and affordable education.


    Personal Training Courses

    Become an Accredited Personal Trainer with an abundance of different courses to choose from.

    Mind body Courses

    Propel your career into a meaningful mind-body career. Study courses such as Yoga, Pilates or life coaching.

    Group Exercise Courses

    Become an expert in training people in a group context. Learn a variety of skills pertaining to group training.

    Sport Coaching Courses

    Become a professional Sports Coach with a variety of different sporting disciplines to choose from.

    Sport Management Courses

    Excel in sports and fitness with a huge selection of sports and fitness management courses to choose from.

    Nutrition Courses

    Learn cutting edge Nutritional skills that will allow you to assist a variety of different people with their diet and nutritional needs.

    Online CPD Courses

    Upgrade your knowledge as a professional trainer and earn the CPD points you need as an industry professional with online CPD courses

    Fitness Business Courses

    Level up your fitness business like a professional and grow it into a flourishing career.  Be proficient in the running of a fitness business.


    Trifocus Fitness Academy was always there to help, irrespective of doing a distance learning course. I could still phone them and they would help the best they could.  I learned a lot that I didn’t know before even though I’ve been involved with bodybuilding for a while now. It was very informative and it really educated me in terms of my perspective about the things I already knew and how I do my training etc. It’s a definite go-to college if you want a qualification in fitness.

    I realised that everybody’s body is different you got have to try different things with your clients.

    Glynn Esterhuizen

    My local gym suggested a few institutions through whom I can obtain the qualification I wanted. I researched all three the institutions and because Trifocus Fitness Academy provided me with the option to obtain my certification online, I chose Trifocus Fitness Academy. This meant that I can obtain my qualification at my own pace, without impacting on my travel obligations – it suited my situation 100%. I found the learning material to be structured in a manner that allowed me to work through the material progressively. Since becoming qualified through Trifocus my own lifestyle has taken a step in the right direction.

    Charlote Harmse

    I googled fitness courses and found Trifocus Fitness Academy website. It was user friendly, well-advertised, and I really liked the idea of doing a correspondence course. Courses are accredited so I trust the quality. Plus you have flexibility and a good student support team.

    I would definitely recommend Trifocus to people I know, because I had a good experience. Learning about fitness and nutrition really helped me to support a good conversation. Plus I apply everything I’ve learnt for myself.

    Olga Bonitckaia


    About Trifocus Fitness Academy

    Trifocus Fitness Academy is South Africa’s leading Health and Fitness Educational Academy. The academy offers the most extensive array of Fitness, Personal Training, health and sports Qualifications and courses and on the market, at the most competitive prices.

    All courses have easy and flexible payment options, making breaking into the growing world of health and fitness affordable and accessible.

    All courses are locally and internationally accredited so the student can work at ALL commercial, private health or fitness facilities nationwide or abroad.

    All our Personal trainer and fitness courses are comprehensively designed and perfectly suited to the demands of the fitness industry today.

    Courses are offered in class and online with fulltime support and assessors to help you on your fitness journey.


    Trifocus Fitness Academy holds various accreditations which enable you to become a trained and credible fitness instructor both locally and internationally. Trifocus Accreditations are accepted in any commercial and private fitness and health facility both locally and internationally.

    Accreditations and Endorsements

    CATHSSETA – Culture, Arts, Sports and Hospitality Industry (South Africa)
    CHE – Higher Education Quality Controls & Training Committee (HEQCTO) and the Council for Higher Education (CHE)
    NTEC – Nutrition Therapy Education Commission (United Kingdom)
    REPSSA – Register of fitness professionals (South Africa)

    Benefits to becoming Trifocus Trained:
    • Trifocus is Industry Endorsed
    • Locally and Internationally Accredited qualifications
    • Full time student support
    • Superior online learning platforms
    • Array of different fitness qualifications to choose from
    • Established fitness education provider
    • Work locally and internationally with all Trifocus Courses
    Where Can I Do A Fitness Course?

    There are a lot of options that you can choose from when deciding on a fitness course that is right for you. For instance, you can choose to go for a course that is taught in a classroom where you’ll have the opportunity to interact with your instructor and other students face to face. This option is great if you live near to the college and is also superb for networking. As a fitness professional, it is essential to have a strong network so that you can draw on your colleagues’ expertise and trouble shoot issues in your business, which you may find challenging, with them.

    The other option, when choosing a fitness course, is looking for one that is taught online. Although you will not have the benefit of the real-time interaction with your classmates you will be able to study at your own pace, when and where you want to do so. The only proviso is that you would need to have a steady internet connection. This means that people who still need to work, but want to make the transition to the fitness industry, still have the ability to study.

    The type of fitness course that you choose needs to fit in with your lifestyle but we strongly recommend that the programme you choose is accredited, both nationally and internationally. Also, it needs to involve a period where you will shadow an experienced fitness professional so that you can put the knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom into use.

    Where Can I Do A Fitness Course?

    Trifocus Fitness Academy is indeed internationally recognised. Our academy of fitness and our fitness courses are REPSSA accredited and accepted throughout Europe, Australia, UK and New Zealand. We also hold the ACAP accreditation through ICE which is accepted throughout America and Canada.