The term ‘special populations’ refers to: older adults, children and pregnant women. Each of these sets of people have their own unique set of circumstances that a personal trainer, who is training them, needs to take into consideration. In this blog, we delve deeper into what these considerations for the special populations are.

Trifocus fitness academy - exercises to avoid when pregnant

What Exercises must I Avoid when I’m Pregnant?

Studies have shown that women who have done high-intensity exercises before pregnancy are conditioned to handle the same exercises during pregnancy. However, it is not recommended that they do this. While exercising during pregnancy does…
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Trifocus fitness academy - foods

What Foods should Older Adults Eat?

In our article entitled What Should Good Nutrition Mean to You? we looked at the concept of healthy eating and how you can implement these principles. As we get older, our bodies change fundamentally. We…
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