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Trifocus Fitness Academy - strength training
How Strength Training Can Improve Your Golf Swing
Comprehensive strength training programmes for individual sports are “periodised” in order to provide a progressive as well as an interactive training programme. The term ‘periodisation’ means that the programmes are broken up into three or four phases during a 12-month cycle with each phase concentrating on a specific area of…
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Trifocus Fitness Academy - exercise
Could exercise improve your response to vaccines?
Physical activity has been found to enhance immunity in general, however, exercise specifically before or after a vaccination could increase the success of vaccination as exercise circulates cell numbers and, as a result, there are specific increases in a particular number of subsets. Immune messenger proteins are released by working…
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Trifocus fitness academy - fitness plan for the elderly
What Are the Elements of an Effective Fitness Plan for the Elderly
“Exercise is almost always good for people of any age,” says Chhanda Dutta of the National institute of ageing. Exercise in old age means the retention of functional fitness, increased strength, prevention of bone loss, the boosting of memory and even easing of symptoms of chronic conditions. A good personal…
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Trifocus fitness academy - exercise during pregnancy
Can Exercise during Pregnancy cause a Miscarriage?
In the early days of pregnancy, many mothers-to-be worry about miscarriage. These worries range from what they can and cannot eat to whether they can or cannot exercise. However, unless your pregnancy is complicated, exercise during pregnancy can be beneficial for both you and the baby. Your baby is secure…
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Trifocus fitness academy - wheelchair bound elderly
What exercises can wheelchair-bound elderly people do?
As a person who’s over the age of 65, finding exercises that you are able to do is hard enough. Unfortunately, finding exercises that you’re able to do becomes more difficult when you’re confined to a wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair means that your body doesn’t reap the health benefits…
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Trifocus fitness academy - fitness testing for the elderly
How Do You Perform Fitness Testing For The Elderly?
Any person over the age of 35 seeking personal training must be fitness tested before they start, regardless of how able they feel at the time. When it comes to seniors, however, we’re testing their functional fitness. This concerns their ability to perform daily tasks, like lifting themselves out of…
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Trifocus fitness academy - children and exercise
What are the Risks Associated with Exercise for Children?
There’s no doubt that children need to exercise, even if just by getting active in the back yard, from a young age. While pre-pubescent children gain many benefits from exercise, there’s always a risk that they might injure themselves. Here’s why kids should exercise, a few risks associated with exercise…
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Trifocus fitness academy - exercises to avoid when pregnant
What Exercises must I Avoid when I’m Pregnant?
Studies have shown that women who have done high-intensity exercises before pregnancy are conditioned to handle the same exercises during pregnancy. However, it is not recommended that they do this. While exercising during pregnancy does have many benefits – including better sleep, more strength and endurance and a lighter mood…
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