Battle Ropes Course

Battle ropes are used for a broad variety of functional exercises. Featuring comfortable grips, various lengths, and weights, these ropes are perfect for you. Add in a bit of variety to your workout with these high-quality battle ropes.

Battle ropes focus on most of the muscles in the body, including those in your abdominals, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back as well as lower body. While battle rope workouts target many of your body’s muscles in order to help build strength and endurance, they’re also effective in cardio workouts and can even enhance your mental stamina.

To get the best results from battle ropes exercises, consider the following tips:

  • Perfect your form first of all. Prior to increasing the rope weight or your speed, ensure that you’re performing the moves correctly.
  • Try out different movements. Battle ropes are very versatile, which means that you can move them in many different directions. Play around with various movements in order to target different muscle groups.
  • Increase the rope length. If you’re wanting a greater challenge, try utilising a longer rope. The farther that you are from the anchor (where the rope is tethered), the more difficult it will be to move the ropes.
  • Add battle ropes exercises as a finisher to other workouts. If you don’t want to use battle ropes for your entire workout, use them as a finisher at the end. Try to go as long as you are able to before needing to stop.

If you want to become a battle ropes instructor, or if you’re a personal trainer who wants to add battle ropes to the list of services that you can offer your clients, then this Battle Ropes Course is for you.

Who Can Do The Battle Ropes Course?

We recommend that these people would do the Battle Ropes Course:

  • Lifters looking for novelty
  • Individuals looking to save time
  • Those looking for home equipment on a budget
  • Lifters with muscular endurance goals
  • Those with general fitness goals

What Does the Battle Rope Course Include?

The Battle Ropes Online Fitness Course includes the following modules:

  • Battle ropes set-up and exercise execution
  • Battle ropes set-up
  • Battle ropes exercise execution
  • Best practice for battle ropes exercises

Where Can I Work With a Battle Rope Qualification?

A Battle Ropes Course is perfect for personal trainers, sports performance coaches, MMA coaches, group fitness instructors as well as HIIT classes and boot camp instructors.

How To Register For An Online Battle Ropes Course?

If you would like to register for an Online Battle Ropes Course then you need to fill in the registration form on the right-hand side of this page.

Battle ropes set up and exercise execution

Battle rope Set up

Battle ropes exercise execution

Best practice for battle rope exercises

This course is REPSSA endorsed for 8 CPD Points

How you can learn at Trifocus Fitness Academy

We offer a number of exciting, dynamic, and interactive ways in which you can learn how to become the best fitness professional you can be!


Trifocus offers a bespoke online learning platform. Through the videos, questionnaires and forums on your dedicated learning portal, you will be able to have the full benefit of our world-class education on mobile, tablet or laptop – when it is convenient for you.

Online platform includes:

  • Interactive assessments
  • Slides with colourful and informative images
  • Progress trackers
  • Unlimited access to the online platform

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    The average Trifocus Fitness Academy student completes the Battle Ropes Course within 4 to 18 months.

    Payments can be made via Payfast, EFT or by debit order (which is deducted on the last working day of every month). We offer an 18% discount if you pay the course fees upfront.

    Yes, there are student support managers available to assist you from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

    The Battle Ropes Course can be started at any time during the year.

    There are practical requirements that you must fulfil in order to obtain the Battle Ropes qualification. For example, you may have to shadow a fitness trainer, write a case study and do a practical examination.

    Our online learning platform was built with the end user in mind, offering the student slides, videos, interactive games and seamless downloads.

    We require a valid South African ID, or a valid passport if you reside outside of South Africa. You must have a Matric/Grade 12 certificate.

    Our Battle Ropes Course is suitable for a person who is over the age of 35 wanting to become a personal trainer.

    You can work at private or commercial health clubs or gyms. You can even work on a cruise ship! Trifocus Fitness Academy gives you the opportunity to obtain an accredited qualification that is recognised both locally and internationally.