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Is BODYJAM An Effective Workout? Find out in this article.

By definition, exercise and workout fads come and go. This is specifically true in the fitness industry, where new gadgets, workouts as well as programmes are constantly emerging. In contrast, there are some mainstays which have been an important part of the industry from the very beginning.

Dance as a form of cardiorespiratory exercise which certainly makes that list. In actual fact, dance exercise is woven in between the history of the American Council on Exercise (ACE)since its inception in 1985.

Dancing is fun, this form of workout burns calories and can also be done just about anywhere. It’s no wonder that exercise professionals – as well as companies – have been putting together dance programming since – at best – the late 1960s, when Jacki Sorensen was asked to design a fitness programme for Air Force wives at a military base in Puerto Rico. What Sorensen designed was dance exercise, in other words choreographed routines to upbeat music.


BODYJAM – which was put together by Les Mills – is a relative newcomer to the dance exercise scene. BODYJAM is the best combination of music and dance. When it comes to benefits, it’s good to know that you’ll be getting a killer workout and burning calories while you’re at it. The workout is about 55 minutes long and, at a moderate intensity level, that burns 530 calories a session on average.

How Effective Is BODY JAM?

Dance cardio workouts – such as BODY JAM – have been proven to make individuals happier, healthier as well as fitter. Dancing may improve brain functioning, increase life outlook, protect organs as well as aiding in growing your social skills and friend circle.

Society is gravitating towards ‘movement is medicine’ for overall health benefits, so dancing absolutely fits into this category. We are discovering that when the body is in motion, our total well-being benefits. This is because the body is able to function and stay healthier longer.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - BODYJAM

What Muscles Are Targeted In BODY JAM?

Dance cardio is wonderful for toning the entire body. Your legs, glutes, hips and the waistline are the major target muscles which you may notice toning, strengthening as well as lengthening from dance cardio. This comes from moving in so many separate planes of motion. In addition, if you move all of your limbs, your arms and upper body will get to see results from this form of exercise.

Whether you’ve got two left feet or fancy yourself as Beyonce’s back up dancer, we’ve got your back. BODYJAM doesn’t discriminate, and dance is free, so what’s stopping you?

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There are so many other types of exercise formats out there, so you don’t need to be limited to just one. Want to learn more about these? If you do then you should check out Trifocus Fitness Academy’s course page to see what takes your fancy.

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