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Social media is fast becoming the favourite promotional platform for fitness professionals as well as personal trainers. It’s not difficult to see why. For little to no cost, specialists can establish thorough profiles, post promotional content, invite members of the community to events, share engaging information as well as capture leads which – when chased up on – often turn into clients.

There are so many social media networks for personal trainers to select from and Twitter is one of the more popular of these. If you’re pondering advertising your fitness business on Twitter have a look at the glossary put out by Twitter and learn just how to make use of this social media platform to its full potential.

Here are four valuable things you need to do when putting together your fitness professional profile on Twitter.

Follow Industry Thought-Leaders

The first thing  that you should be doing when you set up your Twitter profile is to start following other accounts. The only way in which you’ll learn what works, and what doesn’t work, is by looking at what the big hitters in the industry are putting out. What’s more, you can leverage thought-leader content to your advantage by re-tweeting it. When you do so, be sure to thank the content producer.

By following Twitter accounts that are significant in the industry, you gain key insights into what’s going on in the world of fitness. What this means is that you can be one of the first people to break any news and you will become a thought-leader in your own right.

Shape Your Own Following

When you’ve got a healthy collection of Twitter accounts that you follow in the fitness industry, the next step is to increase your own following. This is where leveraging off other social accounts will assist your greatly. Let followers of accounts on other social media accounts know that you’re on Twitter. Request that they follow you as this will skyrocket your follower numbers!

If you’ve got a bit of available cash flow, you can even run a competition on Facebook and give people the chance to win a prize if they follow you on Twitter. Ensure that you post on Twitter, at least once a day, in order  to gain a steady flow of followers.

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Personalise Your Interactions

Want to know which fitness-related Twitter accounts perform the best? These are the ones that personalise interactions, make their followers feel special as well as appreciated. Think about typing out a short thank you message and keeping it stored on your computer. When you get a new follower, send the pre-written message to them and insert their name.

In the same way, when a person re-tweets or likes something you’ve posted, why not thank them personally for doing this? In these messages, include links to your website, your other social media accounts, or even your contact number as well as email address. However, do it in such a way in which people don’t get the impression that they’re being overtly marketed to.

Post Quality, Value-Adding Content

Last, but surely not the least important, is the requirement for quality content. We’ve added ‘value-adding’ to the heading above as the need for this cannot be understated. Anyone can make posts just for the sake of it. With countless fitness professionals already posting frequently, content which is average will get lost.

Ensure that you see what the fitness thought-leaders are doing on Twitter. Do even better than them. Try and make sure that the content that you share, be it images or videos or GIFs, add value to the lives of the people who follow you. Content that involves tips and tricks, fitness hacks, ‘did you know’ posts, and competitions do so well on Twitter.

Twitter is a formidable medium as people go onto this platform to learn new as well as interesting facts and figures. As individuals scroll through their feeds at a very rapid rate, as we’ve said before, you need to post something truly exceptional for the reader to stop and take notice of you. However, if you follow the tips that we’ve outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to making a success out of your Twitter promotions.

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