Why is it a Good Idea for Sports Managers to Know About Fitness?

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A sports manager rarely comes from a completely sport-less background. This is because most sports managers are – and have always been – passionate sportsmen and women. Sports managers should have a deep understanding of what athletes go through to be the best. This is on the pitches and courts long after dark, pushing their bodies to the limit, all in the name of a beautiful game. Here’s how fitness fits into sports management. We’ll also talk about a few fitness-related career paths for sports managers to consider.

The Role of Fitness in Sports Management

Sports management encompasses the management of all elements of sport. Fitness is a significant part of any type of sport. Many sports management professionals, like personal trainers, get a sound understanding of anatomy and bodily mechanics through qualifications and courses in exercise science. This allows trainers and coaches to manage athletes’ fitness and professional sporting careers.

Many will probably wonder what the term ‘being fit’ actually means. There is no one explanation of what this means as there are four forms of fitness:

Cardiovascular fitness

If you are cardiovascularly fit, you can perform activities such as running, swimming or cycling without losing your breath very quickly. This is because your body makes efficient use of the oxygen in your body while performing the exercises.

Muscle endurance and strength

People who display good levels of muscle strength and endurance are able to lift heavier weights than the average person. Examples of activities that increase this type of fitness include weightlifting, kettlebell training and Pilates.


If you are flexible, this means that your joints display an extended range of motion as opposed to people who are not flexible. Ways in which to increase flexibility include Yoga and foam rolling.

Anaerobic fitness

This type of fitness allows one to exert short burst of energy during an exercise routine. Anaerobic fitness allows body builders and sprint athletes to perform at the top of their game.

Trifocus fitness academy - know about fitness

Exercise Science in a Nutshell

Exercise science takes a look at the mechanics of fitness, and how we can optimise fitness in athletes with precision. Our exercise science certification covers the concept of fitness by looking at the Three Energy Systems, the FIIT principle, and how athletes can be motivated to bust through fitness barriers. The course also covers fitness elements such as the various physiological systems, like the cardiovascular system, and the roles they play in fitness and athletic performance.

Fitness-Related Sports Management Careers

Thinking about a career in sports management or exercise science? These are a few positions with healthy doses of fitness and physical activity thrown in!

  • Athletic trainer

Train a team of athletes playing a specific sport, like a rugby, cricket or netball coach. If you prefer working one-on-one, coaching tennis or another solo sport could be a good idea. The places that you can look for a job include universities and schools.

  • Kinesiotherapist

These fitness professionals work with athletes who have been injured, rehabilitating them with carefully crafted fitness programmes.

  • Personal trainer

Personal trainers deal with a range of athletes and are skilled one-on-one fitness practitioners. Help non-professional and professional athletes alike achieve their fitness goals.

  • Group fitness instructor

Think fitness feels best when in a group context? Zumba, Pilates, and every other group fitness programme requires you to exercise some of the skills that a sports manager has to display on a daily basis!

Get Accredited in Sports Management Today

Our sports management certification looks at sports ethics, managing the sports environment, sport and fitness marketing, sport safety, and more. Get a holistic sports management accreditation and take the first step into a fulfilling career in the fitness industry. For more information about this and our other online fitness courses, visit our website.

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