How to work with a life coach to accelerate your personal growth

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At some point in time, we have all experienced that “what am I doing with my life?” moment. Sometimes it comes about during a confusing and challenging time, while other times we can be feeling perfectly content – almost too content. Almost as if we have become stagnant.

Whatever has gotten you to the point of searching for something more is a blessing in disguise, although it may not seem like it at the time. Your journey to personal growth and development is about to begin, and you may find that you require a helping hand in getting started.

What is a life coach?

Newsweek describes a life coach as “Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals — career, personal, or most often, both”.

A life coach is someone who joins you on your journey to self-discovery. They give you the tools you need to not only understand yourself but the world around you as well. The relationship between a life coach and their clients is unique and can become more personal than you could ever imagine. By providing unbiased guidance based on their interaction with you and the goals set, you are given the tools needed to succeed – it’s up to you to utilise them.

How can a life coach accelerate personal growth?

As mentioned above, a life coach is an unbiased third party focused on unleashing your true potential. A life coach helps you become the person you have always wanted to be and allows you to rediscover the parts of yourself that you have long forgotten.

So, why use a life coach? Why not just do it yourself?

The answer is simple. A life coach will continuously push you to do better. They won’t let you give up or quit when it becomes too difficult. Instead, they will motivate you and be your cheerleader. It’s very easy to fall into the mindset of “nothing will change so what’s the point” and having someone to show you that it’s not the case is essential.

The International Coaching Federation conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of life coaching and the results were impressive. A total of 99 per cent of the people interviewed said that they found the experience to be rewarding, with 96 per cent of them saying that they would do it again if necessary. A further total of 80 per cent found that their confidence improved and 65 per cent reported that their performance at work increased significantly.

It’s clear to see that working with a life coach provides a lot of benefits and can give you the ability to fast-track your personal development and growth. During these confusing times, it is more important than ever to stay level-headed and continue on the path to self-improvement. It’s the ideal time to team up with your very own life coach to ensure that you stay on track and keep yourself motivated.

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