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Many individuals want to know if life coaching will assist them before they take on the mental, financial and time commitment. Will their problems go away? Will it be worth the effort? These are extremely relevant questions. However, before you delve deeper into asking whether or not life coaching is right for you need to ask yourself if you are at a point where you would like to change.

Life coaching is very much about make the changes in your life going forward. Sometimes people want time to fully appreciate big life events before they move forward and change. Although a life coach will assist you through this period, it may be suitable to try to find other forms of support too, such as seeing a psychologist or a psychiatrist – or relaxation programmes – until you are at that point where you are actually ready to move on. Once you are life coaching will help you to do this.

Sometimes we feel that we are stuck in certain patterns of thinking or perhaps relationships or jobs which don’t seem to be going anywhere. There are times when people have an overpowering need to ‘escape’ or just ‘get out’. This is completely understandable, of course.

We also need to mull over what we will be left with once that has taken place. What you will have now – in terms of feelings and a way forward – needs to be more valuable to you than the way that things were for the change to work well. There are certain times when, although a situation may feel overpowering, when you will need an interim plan or maybe look at other solutions to a problem. A life coach will help you do this to find a way forward that will work long term.

Why Should You Use A Life Coach?

There are all sorts of individuals who seek out a life coach. Here are some of the reasons why they do:

  • Self-confidence, time management as well as work/life balance are strong motivators for seeking out a life coach.
  • Career opportunities, business management as well as work performance are also fundamental motivators.
  • Improving relationships, interpersonal and communication skills – in addition to family dynamics – are reasons people why seek out coaching.
  • Physical fitness and wellness are also in which areas clients consult with life coaches.

Where Did It All Start?

Back in the 1980s, Thomas Leonard first put life coaching on the map. His idea to develop life coaching as a profession was met with cynicism by many people. However, the benefits of life coaching soon became apparent and the process of coaching itself was recognised as a highly valuable discipline. As a result, thousands of people set out on their coaching journeys.

By 1995, Leonard established the International Coaching Federation (ICF) which has become the most prominent global life coaching organisation. Likewise, with the number of coaching clients rising daily, the number of practising coaches has increased.

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